Maggie Lindemann – ‘My Essential Tour & Life Tunes’

Maggie Lindemann is carving her own name in the alt-pop scene and as last night in Melbourne proved, she’s well and truly on her way.

Prior to the madness that ensured, we had a chat with Maggie about the music the motives her before and after a show, and the classics she turns to when she needs to switch off from the world…


After shows, basically the whole time I’m touring, I listen to classical music because my ears are usually ringing really bad after shows. And usually the shows have a lot of energy, so to calm down and to make my ears stop ringing – I listen to a  lot of classical music. I listen to ‘Space Song’ by Beach House a lot too.


I do have a show playlist that I play at shows, before the shows would start, stuff like Dance Gavin Dance, Movements, Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Ice Spice, stuff like that, just fun stuff that I’ve been listening to a lot in general!


I actually love classical music, I feel like every year when they do the Spotify Wrapped, I can’t even post mine because I don’t have anything cool to show – it’s literally classical music. I listen to it to be calm, to sleep, I even listen to it when I’m showering. I don’t know, it just makes everything feel like…I don’t know if I’m romanticising my life too much here, but when I listen to classical music, I feel like I’m in a movie for something!

I really like this one, it’s called ‘Skating In Central Park‘ by Bill Evans and Jim Hall. I love that, and then obviously ‘Clair de Lune‘. And my top song every year in my Spotify is ‘Gymnopédies No.1’  by Erik Satie. And Franz Gordon too.

I’ve been trying to get into more modern classical music too, I’ve been finding people in 2023 who are making classical music – and it sounds classical, but it also has modern takes, I’ve been getting into that sort of stuff too. I’ve been finding a lot of new songs that way!

Maggie Lindemann  – Superpunch World Tour

May 6 @ The Triffid, Bris

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