PREMIERE: DisKust Establish Foundations for Heavy-Hitting Future on ‘Never Have I Ever’

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There is no denying that Brisbane band DisKust are the Australian version of Slipknot – but there’s more to the mask-sporting metalheads than meets the eye and today we get to showcase that talent to you all as we premiere their latest action-packed belter!

Never Have I Ever‘ is a raw, energetic display of this band’s malicious metal intent. With pounding drums surrounded by ferocious screams and jarring riffs, it’s no surprise their comparisons keep getting brought up, especially when the synth kicks in. For the breakdown appreciators amongst us, there’s a tasty one that’ll have you gurning like there’s no tomorrow.

Hellbent on finding out more about the band, we grabbed guitarist Kiel Long for a chat about their new release, the origins of their masks (and what they’re like to perform in), and a look ahead at what is shaping up to be their biggest year yet…

DisKust – Welcome to Wall of Sound! You’ve been doing the hard yards for a few years now – but for the ill-formed, take us back to how you came to be!

DisKust has been around for a few years now and had the usual origin story of 5 guys getting together to play metal. But it wasn’t until the beginning of 2020 that DisKust really came together and started to grit it’s teeth and push it. We’ve toured non-stop really since the end of 2020 and this year we have focused a lot on recording, writing and taking our live show to a new level.

For those lucky enough to see you in concert, they’d know you’re like the reincarnation of Slipknot down under – what is it about that group that invokes excitement in your own band?

Haha well, I wouldn’t call us that. We do get that often because we wear masks and play metal music but anyone that has experienced us would know that we are our own entity, and we do things our way. I think Never Have I Ever definitely demonstrates that further.

That isn’t to say we don’t love Slipknot as much as anyone else… We have focused a lot on our live show and ensure we truly perform for people. It’s a show, it’s an experience and people genuinely come along for that ride in the 30-40 minutes we are on stage. And for those wondering, it is hot as fuck on stage in masks and the get up we wear haha!

And your masks are top-notch – is there a story behind them like the gods of metal who just dominated the stage at Knotfest in Australia?

Not particularly. We all have different tastes, and honestly, the masks aren’t compulsory.

Some of us wear full face, others wear half. Some shows we don’t wear them at all. It’s more of an artistic choice for us.

But in saying that, I know for me, personally, it helps me perform better. It just unlocks something and allows me to be something else for a time.

Just like Michael Myers himself. I love it. Would you consider releasing your own line of masks as merch?

We technically do. Dropbear Studios from Sydney makes our masks, and he creates variants of our stage masks that a lot of Maniacs have bought already and wear to shows. And we have our own “Maniac” masks for our fans. He also creates lots of unique merch for us, such as pop vinyls of the band, which sell like hot cakes!

You’re here because of your brand new single ‘Never Have I Ever’ – a menacing mix of metal, gutturals, blastbeats and ominous backing instrumentals – I feel a sense of fear when listening to it over and over again. What inspired this number to end up sounding so haunting?

Well, a lot of our music comes out like that. That’s just the general shape that our dark minds create, I suppose. We feel as a band we have matured our sound to something that fits this band well, particularly over the last 12-18 months.

And tell us about the recording process. Who did you team up with to make it the quality tune it is?

We actually recorded bass and drums with Nik Carpenter of Core Studios on the Gold Coast, and I did vocals at Lush Recording Studios. But guitars were done in-home and the whole thing was mixed and mastered by the genius of Lance Prenc – for those familiar with Polaris, Alpha Wolf etc. We saved money where we could and spent where we needed to.

Speaking of the title, let’s play a quick game so we can get to know you better – tell us two Never Have I Ever facts that are real, and one that’s fake, and we’ll let the readers guess which is the odd one out…

Never have we ever pissed our pants on stage

Never have we ever butt Chugged Jägermeister

Never have we ever tried to snort piss

(answer at the bottom of the page)

What’s the future looking like for new material? Have you got some extra stuff in the works or should we just focus on this release today?

We’ve been extremely busy writing almost 2 albums worth of new material over the last year so after “NHIE” we hope to have two more in the chamber ready to go and pump them out in preparation for a new EP or album which will be bigger and better than our first.

And you’re playing Murderfest on the Gold Coast this weekend – if we’ve never seen Diskust before, what can we anticipate when we walk in the doors?

Don’t expect anything. Leave your judgment and preconceived notions at the door, and just experience the show. There are so many good bands on and Murderfest is always pretty wild. Come have some fun.

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Murderfest 2023 Gold Coast – tix here

Now because you’re mask specialists and heavy metal and horror go hand in hand as we’ve worked out – who do you think is the most menacing mask-wearing horror movie icon in history and why?

I would have to say Michael Myers personally. I love the original Halloween. Followed closely by Art The Clown from Terrifier – Love that fucking guy.

I must watch that Terrifier movie, everyone keeps mentioning it. Any final thoughts?

We’d just like to say thanks to all those who have supported us up until this point, we feel the next 12 months are going to be a major step for the band as we step up everything from music, live performances and touring.

Never Have I Ever will set the tone and the rest is going shape the future of the band. If you’ve liked anything from us thus far you’re in for a wild ride, if it’s your first time hearing us, prepare for more. Be well and look after each other – love DisKust!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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Never Have I Ever Fake Answer = Never have we ever pissed our pants on stage

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