Beartooth Drop Slamming Sing-A-Long Jam ‘Sunshine!’

Beartooth Sunshine new song 2023


We have been blessed with a brand new Beartooth song to awaken our souls as we live another day in this crazy thing we call life! ‘Sunshine’ has arrived following the release of Riptide in June last year (I know right, doesn’t feel that long ago either) and along with the song comes a Yellow new colour scheme that mastermind Caleb Shomo has been teasing on his own socials – which sounds like it could become the new colour theme for their upcoming album… but I’m getting ahead of myself!

‘Sunshine’ starts with Caleb’s raw screamy vocals (akin to that from the Sick/Disgusting-era) with a simple high-hat in the background accompanying the words,

‘Killing my time in the dark inside / its a race to death for meeee / try and unwind while I lose my mind / I got no place to beeeee’

Then the instrumentals kick in and guide us through a rock-filled build-up section that takes a complete 180° turn with a chorus filled with clean singing and stripped-back instrumentals – that feels calming and not at all like the breakdown it felt like it was building up to – nice one Shomo! Following this, the song opens up and we’re back with a familiar Below-era Beartooth. There’s chuggy riffs, delicate melodic vocals and that breakdown finally shows itself around the 2:30 mark.

I won’t give too much else away, because it’s definitely worth waiting for – but if this is the start of what’s to come on this new record (mixing old with new) then I’m sure the Beartooth family are going to collectively lose their minds over this track.

The band are just about to kick off their US co-headline tour with Trivium before they head down under in July with Pierce The Veil for the same kind of tour – and I am frothing at the idea of seeing them play their biggest shows to date in Australia.

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown (@brownypaul)

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