Introducing: South African Deathcore Kings Vulvodynia With ‘Eulogy of Ashes’

Vulvodynia have been in Wall of Sound‘s peripheral vision for quite some time now as they cement themselves as leaders in the next generation of slam/deathcore bands.

The self-proclaimed “South African Death Metal Titans” have been turning heads here in Australia since their first visit to our country in 2019, Where we witnessed the group performing tracks from their entire catalogue even going as far back as their 2014 album Cognizant Castigation.

Fast forward four years, and they now have a brand new tasty treat for us to enjoy. Perhaps this new track titled Eulogy of Ashes fills the empty space in our hearts left by the cancellation of their November 2022 headline Australian tour in support of their fifth album, Praenutius Infiniti.

This new, fast-paced song manages to melt away and disappointment left in my heart in regards to last years ill-fated Australian tour as I head bang along to the impressively fast riffs and thumping drum fills. The recently hitched vocalist, Duncan Bentley proves that he is at the top of his game as he quickly spits venom into the mic while showing off his impressive range.

With no mention of ‘Bob The Butcher‘ anywhere from the music to the album cover, or on the bands socials, I can’t avoid the feeling that this is a new chapter for the group and I for one am definitely a big supporter of that.

On the new release, Bentley comments:

“We wanted to try something different with this song and incorporate more melody while still keeping the aggressive edge that fans expect from us. The lyrics are inspired by the idea that death is not the end, and that even after we’re gone, our art and our legacy can continue to live on and inspire others.”

Words by Adam Rice

Stream ‘Eulogy of Ashes’ here

Vulvodynia Eulogy

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