Introducing: Aus-Prog Supergroup Lune Asea with Debut Single ‘Outlier’

Lune Asea prog australian band supergroup Outlier

Lune Asea – ‘Outlier’ 
Released: April 14th, 2023


Leigh Davies // Vocals and Guitar
John Stockman // Keys and synths
Steve Judd // Drums
Adam Perry // Bass
Ben Elphick // Guitars

Lune Asea  online:


I’ve been doing this ‘rock journalism’ thing since 1995. In almost three decades, you could probably count the number of single reviews I’ve done on one hand. Two at absolute most. 99.99% of the time I simply wait for the album to come out and review that. It takes something extraordinarily special to inspire me to write an actual single review.

Well, one of those extremely rare occasions has arrived.

Firstly, some brief background. Lune Asea are a ‘brand new’ band, inasfar as their public profile is concerned anyway; they’ve actually been working hard on their stuff behind the scenes for several years (dating back as far as 2016). Covid’s arrival did not help either. You could possibly deem them somewhat of a ‘supergroup’, as the band features two members (John Stockman and Steve Judd) of Perth’s mighty Karnivool, and a member (Leigh Davies) from Melbourne’s fantastic but heavily underrated Sleep Parade. Davies was also briefly a member of The Occupants, the side project for two members of Cog from a few years back. But, dispel any negative connotations you have about the supergroup term from your mind. Lune Asea are the real deal.

That becomes absolutely apparent from the very opening strains of their debut single ‘Outlier’. From the haunting ambient opening, the intro of the track builds beautifully through the introduction of ‘Vool drummer Steve Judd’s propulsive, momentum-filled groove and the explosion of enormous guitars before Davies’s emotive melodic vocals kick in.

Across the course of its almost six-minute length, the track is a powerful but dynamic ride across cathartic soundscapes, punctuated by lyrics and vocals that tug at the heartstrings, leading into a massive chorus payoff. The ebb and flow of the track is masterful and compelling, the arrangement structured by artists who know exactly and precisely what they’re doing. The sound (courtesy the great Forester Savell) is crisp and commanding and the musicianship is of the world-class standard you would expect from a band of this pedigree.

Lyrically, Davies tackles uncomfortable, mental-health-related topics, delving into the struggles he had with a loved one who suffered acute schizophrenia, apocalyptic visions and the like. The lyrics match the dark and passionate tone of the music to perfection, and he delivers them in a manner that beautifully conveys the heartache he must have felt at the time. His words and voice carry much pain, but hope amid the sadness as well.

I would recommend this song to just about anyone, not just people who dig heavy music. Yes, it’s powerhouse rock, but it’s also highly melodic, highly emotional and has extremely broad appeal. I would advise anyone who likes any kind of powerful and affecting music to give this a listen.

This is song of the year for me, already. ‘Outlier’ is an absolute winner in all imaginable facets and I simply cannot wait to hear more from this band. There is something very special happening here.

Rating: 9.5/10

Review by: Rod Whitfield

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