Dying Wish Balance Melody & Massacre on ‘Torn From Your Silhouette’

Dying Wish

Delivering melody and massacre, Pacific Northwest all-stars Dying Wish dig deep on ‘Torn From Your Silhouette’, a bitter show of rage and romance. Known for shaking the cage with their feral hardcore spirit, this pioneering track quickly evolves into more ‘nuanced’ musical territory. Confident and clear, Oregon’s own excels in both the fresh and familiar alike.

Gaining ground through exciting early singles, uncompromising energy–even political inclination–this quintet fought their way to the front of today’s scene with a series of standout records, including more recently Fragments of a Bitter MemoryChannelling the sounds and sensibilities of groups like Counterparts (and other riff-ready mavens), this autumn anthem finds these musicians against a backdrop of absolute woe and wonder.

Some parts beauty, other parts beast, vocalist Emma Boster comes correct with emotional drive, expansive range, as she shrieks and sings her way through ‘Torn From Your Silhouette’. Boster and company navigate love, lessons, life, weathering the storm of human experience across gut-punching breakdowns and crooning choruses.

While this unit is no stranger to breaking up the ‘monotony’ of metal with moments of melody–this track marks a significant shift towards a more ‘accessible’ direction. Balancing catharsis and chaos, the song’s engineering polishes these refrains with fairytale shine, as if the songwriting was meant for Disney’s Frozen, instead. Sandwiched between thunderous instrumentals and hyena howls, these pockets can feel precariously close to being ‘out of place’.

On the new single, singer Emma Boster comments:

“‘Torn From Your Silhouette’ is written about taking the risk of being vulnerable with another person, only to find they have dishonest intentions and take advantage of your willingness to love.” While writing this song, I was tender from a recent heartache. I felt as if society’s standard for romance had become increasingly casual. While that felt comfortable for me for a while, I had grown into a place in my life where I was seeking more from my connections with other people. I was ready to tear down the walls I had put up to protect myself. This song is about accepting that would result in what I had feared the most: rejection and pain.”

“The line ‘I’d rather feel everything than nothing at all’ is particularly important to me. I took pride in the feeling that I had at least given myself the opportunity to fail rather than continue to contribute to a repeating cycle of being numb to surface level attachments. Thanks for listening.”

Words by Thomas Hiscock

Stream ‘Torn From Your Silhouette‘ here

Dying Wish Torn From Your Silhouette