Torrential Thrill – State of Disaster (Album Review)

Torrential Thrill - State of Disaster album review

Torrential Thrill – State of Disaster 
Released: April 1, 2023

Line Up

Chris Malcher // Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Steven Morrell // Lead Guitar; Vocals
Matthew Morrell // Drums
Stevan Boyd // Bass; Vocals



I’m a sucker for good ol’ rock n roll and Melbourne band Torrential Thrill pump it out in spades. If there’s one thing you need to know about State of Disaster straight away, it’s that this is not an earbuds listening experience. No, this is an album that needs to be pumped up on a decent car stereo or big fat speakers at home. Having spent five years putting this one together, the band sounds tight and energised with eleven tracks of molten hot heavy rock. 

Whilst there’s easy comparisons to past Australian rockers (you know the list: AC/DC, Angels, Rose Tatts, Roxus), Torrential Thrill aren’t afraid to offer their own take with Chris Malcher leading the way through ‘Illusion’ with a vocal worthy of the great stage ringmasters. Steven Morell gets plenty of licks in too, it’s a sweet opener with lyrics warning about duplicitous folks and entertainers.

‘Role Model’ gets the wah out for a tough as nails riff and uptempo verses. It’s pretty groovy and has that Smith Street dirty rock n roll vibe. Almost made me want a kebab afterwards. Production wise it’s really slick, highlighted by the vocals and guitar effects on lead single ‘High Society’. Lyrically it attacks society’s obsession with material wealth and status, sharpening the fan’s focus on the Everyman (or woman) rather than chasing the glam.

It’s gritty for damn sure, but as I said, the production is elite. This a cool voice box solo too, straight out of the Bob Rock school of late 80s production. Morell really wails when he’s unleashed too.

There’s plenty of bad ass swagger too – I got a real kick out of ‘Itch’. They don’t really get cheesy, this is serious stuff with the likes of ‘Dangerous Games’ and ‘Colour of Roses’ packing a punch with heavy riffs and dealing with hardship and sacrifice. ‘Animal (Like Me)’ has a fair bit of spite in it, with the band rocking hard in response. 

This wouldn’t be rock n roll without ballads and damn straight Torrential Thrill delivers. ‘Breathe’ sounds like a lost 90s Metallica track with some cool acoustic guitar and soaring lead. It picks up big time for the close, the power thundering through the speakers. You’ll start singing the first time you hear it. ‘Know My Song’ is a little more outlaw RnR, with the Malcher/Morell duo showing a ton of chemistry. The mix helps and you feel the drums and bass elevate the song in the back half. 

To paraphrase Roddy Piper in the 80s classic They Live, Torrential Thrill came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and they’re all out of bubblegum. State of Disaster has riffs for days and is a solid hour of powerful, bruising rock with a ton of soul. There’s enough variation between high-octane crowd pleasers, dirty groovers & soaring singalongs. It’s a buffet of genre classics without sounding repetitive.

Take my word for it though – you’ll need the biggest speakers you can find and your neighbours are gonna love it.

Torrential Thrill – State of Disaster Tracklisting

  1. Illusion
  2. Role Model
  3. High Society
  4. ITCH
  5. Breathe
  6. Dangerous Games
  7. Colour Of Roses
  8. Know my Song
  9. Crossroads 
  10. State Of Disaster
  11. Animal (Like Me)

Rating: 7.5 / 10
State of Disaster is out now. Grab or stream it here.
Review by KJ Draven (Twitter and Instagram).