Mudhoney – Plastic Eternity (Album Review)

mudhoney plastic eternity album review

Mudhoney – Plastic Eternity
Released: April 7th, 2023


Mark Arm | Guitar & Vocals
Steve Turner | Guitar
Guy Maddison | Bass
Dan Peters | Drums



One of the original legends of the Grunge explosion, Mudhoney have kept on doing their own thing right throughout their initial rise in the early 90s and beyond, delivering their fanbase a steady stream of their fuzz-laden mix of punk and indie rock. Over 30 years after ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ gave the genre its first anthem, the Seattle rockers return with their 12th release, Plastic Eternity.

Having had the recent pleasure of chatting with Guy Maddison, Mudhoney’s resident bass player (catch that chat here) after listening to the album it’s quite clear that the band haven’t slowed down one bit, with Plastic Eternity laden with just as much of that trademark sound that’s been a standard across their previous albums. Those after a trip down the 90’s alternative lane will find that familiar noise all throughout, while newer/younger fans of the genre should take a seat for a masterclass in how fuzz guitars are done.

From the opening track, ‘Souvenir Of My Trip,’ Mudhoney fans will instantly be at home with frontman Mark Arm’s legendary vocal style – that slight punky snarl and scream that’s given the band its unique edge. Drummer Dan Peters also shines throughout the album, and Guy Maddison’s bass work gets a few moments as well, on songs such as ‘Almost Everything’ and ‘Here Comes The Flood.’

It’s the guitars, however, that make up both Mudhoney and the overall style of 90’s alternative rock (think Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins etc) that, as a guitarist, are the biggest attraction for me. And the work of both Mark Arm and Steve Turner doesn’t disappoint – slightly overdriven they bring some attitude, but it’s when the fuzz is turned to max that Plastic Eternity is firing on all cylinders. Songs like ‘Move Under’ and ‘Tom Herman’s Hermits’ have that signature fuzz-wail that I love.

While the alternative/noise style dominates the album, there are also some great bursts of pure punk rock, both musically and lyrically, in the tracks ‘Human Stock Capital’ and ‘Flush The Fascists,’ proving the band isn’t afraid to get some stuff off their chest, all the while maintaining the humour that’s graced their back catalogue – the final track, ‘Little Dogs,’ being the best example.

It may not be ‘heavy’ in the sense of today’s music climate, but Plastic Eternity serves as a great reminder of why Mudhoney was pivotal in defining a genre that helped give the 90s its own identity, while also serving as a great introduction to new fans looking for something a little noisier in their guitar music.

Mudhoney – Plastic Eternity tracklisting

1. Souvenir of My Trip
2. Almost Everything
3. Cascades of Crap
4. Flush the Fascists
5. Move Under
6. Severed Dreams in the Sleeper Cell
7. Here Comes the Flood
8. Human Stock Capital
9. Tom Herman’s Hermits
10. One or Two
11. Cry Me an Atmospheric River
12. Plasticity
13. Little Dogs

Rating: 9/10
Plastic Eternity is Out April 7th via Sup Pop. Pre-Order here
Review By – Simon Valentine (@SimonValentineAU)