Archetypes Collide – Archetypes Collide (Album Review)

Archetypes Collide – Archetypes Collide
Released: March 31st, 2023


Kyle Pastor | Vocals
Brandon Baker | Guitar
Jared Knister | Guitar
Ky Sanders | Bass
Tyler Flamm | Drums


It’s always exciting when a new band comes across your radar and you get a chance to give something different a spin. Archetypes Collide are just about to release their debut self-titled album, and as soon as I saw that they were Arizonians, knowing a bunch of my favourite bands (The Maine and The Word Alive) to name a few, I went into this with high hopes!

Archetypes Collide launches with Parasite’ and I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the song has a synthy opening before the heavy af guitars, drum and bass come in was NOT it. Definitely not a complaint, it was just a nice surprise. The synth doesn’t just come and go however, as it gets incorporated throughout the track during the breakdown and the chorus. ‘Fade Away’ is a complete 180 (at least during it’s intro) with Kyle Pastor switching it up from the heavier screamed vocals of ‘Parasite’ to clean, crisp vocals here. It’s definitely one that I’d like to put on in a club for a bunch of non-metalheads to watch them enjoy the start, and then get blown away once the song really gets going. I felt like I was about to start a video game when ‘Counterfeit’ began, and that immersion only continued with the track. It would 100% fit on the soundtrack for a game like Street Fighter or Tekken while you’re battling. Video game tunes plus a juicy breakdown in the latter part of ‘Counterfeit’ and it’s already my favourite song.

‘What If I Fall’ is the longest song on the Archetypes Collide at just under 4 minutes and to say it’s a journey would be an understatement. I know I talk about it a lot in reviews, but I am never not impressed by vocalists and their ability to flow so seamlessly and effortlessly from screamed vocals to clean, and Kyle is no exception to this. There are some really big drums from Tyler Flamm in this one as well, and they keep the beat and the vibe of the track without being too overpowering. ‘What If I Fall’ is about fear of failure, letting down the people who believe in you, and feeling numb, and if anything, it’s one that I feel is going to resonate with a lot of people. Especially lyrically.

‘What if I fall and waste away the life that I have made / What if I fail and let down everyone who trusted me / Why does holding on feel so wrong / It’s weighing down on me / What if I fall and lose everything’

Stranger Things called, and it wants the synthy 80’s vibes of ‘My Own Device’ for Eddie Munson‘s comeback song. This. Is. Music! It would fit in the 80s for sure, but it also fits perfectly in with current music. It reminded me a little of ‘In The End’ by Black Veil Brides, and ‘Trapped’ by The Word Alive, which is in no way a negative comment from me. A solid song from start to finish and my only complaint is that it’s not long enough. ‘Suffocate Me’ marks the mid-point on Archetypes Collide and is arguably the heaviest track of the first half. Ky Sanders and his bass do some solid work here, and the tone of the bass itself really lends to the vibe of the track.

I got actual shivers when ‘Destiny’ started and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. It’s got definite creepy vibes to it and that only continues as the song does. The use of a bell tolling throughout only adds to that, and I was officially creeped out (in a good way!). If you ever need a song to make you run, this is one that will give you the feeling of being followed or being chased so running is necessary. It has a little bit of an Ice Nine Kills feel to it, but it’s something distinctly Archetypes Collide as well. ‘Deep End’ is a gut-punch of chugging guitars from Brandon Baker and Jared Knister, and I don’t like perpetuating the stereotype that all metal is growly and angry, but that’s what ‘Deep End’ does to you, and not in a bad way + there’s even a BLEGH!

Next up is ‘Separate’ and it’s another heavier track, with some super synthy parts incorporated in the pre-chorus and chorus. It’s not a great track, but it’s not a bad track either, it just didn’t really hit the mark for me with the standard that the band have set from the rest of the record. ‘Paranoid & Paralyzed’ is completely different from everything that’s come before it on Archetypes Collide, with acoustic guitar making it’s first appearance. It’s mostly sung clean, but with a little bit of a gravelly tinge from Kyle. I really enjoyed the synth on this one, and it’s interwoven perfectly throughout without sounding like it shouldn’t be there when the instruments are there.

‘Silence’ features guest vocals from The Plot In You‘s Landon Tewers, who also leant a helping creative hand throughout the record. It was a track I was looking forward to as soon as I saw it listed, purely because of Landon’s involvement and I was not disappointed. It had a bit of a ‘Can You Feel My Heart‘ by Bring Me The Horizon in the choruses, and a bit of The Black era Asking Alexandria in parts of the verses. It’s a solid collab and I wish it was higher up on the tracklisting, but it will be getting regular play from me once it’s released. Look out for the back half of ‘Silence’ for all your growly heavy vocal needs. Last but not least is ‘Love Again’, and as with most closing tracks on albums nowadays, it really feels like a ‘final battle’ or ‘end credits’ song. It’s definitely not as heavy as some of the record, but it fits in with the stuff that isn’t on the heavier side.

Archetypes Collide have come out strong and for a debut record, it’s pretty darn good. It’s a bit hit-and-miss at times, and feels a little repetitive in parts, but overall it’s a solid effort from a great upcoming band in the scene.

Archetypes Collide – Archetypes Collide tracklisting:

1. Parasite
2. Fade Away
3. Counterfeit
4. What If I Fall
5. My Own Device
6. Suffocate Me
7. Destiny
8. Deep End
9. Separate
10. Paranoid & Paralyzed
11. Silence (Feat. Landon Tewers)
12. Love Again

Rating: 7/10
Archetypes Collide is out March 31st via Fearless Records. Pre-Order HERE.
Review by Kelsey Trevan @Kelsey_139