Don Broco Surprise Aussie Fan Who Flew All The Way to the UK In The BEST Possible Way

We need a wholesome feel-good story every so often… and this one hits close to home – because it involves an Australian woman and a band we love and adore, Don Broco.

Back story – Kimberly is a huge Don Broco fan (who isn’t!), and long before she found out the band were heading down to Australia, she booked non-refundable tickets from Melbourne, all the way to the UK just to catch them at Ally Pally – as a personal treat for the hardship she faced over the past few years.

It seems that word of her determination to see the boys live spread all the way to England, and when she landed, she was instantly greeted with a personal message from frontman Rob Damiani, who slid into her inbox with the below offer…

The band’s management organised an impromptu meet & greet, where Kimberly came face to face with her heroes and was treated to that special Don Broco welcoming:

“I got to watch soundcheck which is an experience in itself. The guys sound-checked their song ‘Anaheim’ which turns out was planned as it was one of the songs I’d requested to be on their setlist for this tour. I then got to meet the guys, Rob and Matt were actually on voice rest but still came out to meet me and they brought me gifts, signed vinyl and tour poster, beanie; hat and an assortment of band shirts. I then got to accompany Si and Tom to the pop up merch store and a local bar which was crazy fun.”

You love to see it hey!

We asked Kim when her love for the lads commenced and it turns out, the dreaded C-word brought them together during the 2020 lockdowns and helped her through a lot of her own personal struggles.

“I discovered them back just before we all went into lockdown. Obviously, during that time everyone was struggling. I was no different. Their music during that time provided such an escape from reality for me. I think it was when I watched the video of ‘T-Shirt Song’, I knew I had to experience their music live, especially that song,” explains Kim. “I then had a pretty terrible split from my partner of twelve years in 2021, became a single mum of two and started a new job and for the first time, I knew I had to do something for myself. That’s when Don Broco released their tickets for the UK tour. When I googled how long it had been since they’d been to Australia I kinda figured they wouldn’t be back anytime soon and brought myself a ticket!”

“A lot of people questioned why I’d only go for 5 days but I still have kids, I felt guilty enough leaving them but I knew I had to see these guys live. As cliche as it sounds, their music saved me during a time that seemed pretty hopeless”.

Stories like this come and go, and these days, are sadly few and far between. But not only are they a reminder to take those risks to see your fav bands, any chance you can, but it’s also always great to share the Amazing Things (pun intended) this alternative scene produces, especially when it comes to guys like Don Broco.

As for the show? Kim offered her own personal review for us:

“The show was actually incredible. I’ve been in crowds since I was 14 and this pit was the most intense, fun and reactive I’ve ever been in. They played a mixture of old and new and there wasn’t ever anyone looking bored or uninterested. Rob never had to get the crowd involved or ask for more enthusiasm as every song of theirs was it’s own damn moment.”

Kudos to everyone involved.

Catch Don Broco playing their first Australia shows since 2017 this May via

don broco aus tour 2023

Don Broco – Aussie East Coast Tour

May 4 @ 170 Russell, Melb

May 6 @ The Metro, Sydney

May 7 @ The Triffid, Bris

Tickets Here