Check Out Jesus Piece’s Earth-Shaking New Single ‘Silver Lining’

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Whoa! Have you heard Jesus Piece’s earth-shaking new single ‘Silver Lining?’ Philadelphia really must be the ‘City of Brotherly Love,’ a place where the qualities of loyalty and care can produce an anthem so crushing… yet tender… all at once! 

Released via Century Media Records, this track finds the Pennsylvania quintet exploring themes like adoration and commitment through the iron lens of their punishing metalcore sound. Heavy on the ears and easy on the heart–intrepid frontman Aaron Heard crafts a beautiful ode dedicated to, well… an unspecified… someone–delivering this message with honest, open zeal and the power of a tank

Further featuring the exceptional talents of David Updike, Luis Aponte, John DiStefano, and Anthony Marianaro, these rockers carve a warpath across four minutes of terrain, keeping their highly-respected name fresh in the minds of the metal community with this fourth preview of …So Unknown – the upcoming record available April 14. Preceded by singles such as ‘Tunnel Vision’ or the ominous ‘Gates of Horn,’ ‘Silver Lining’ finds the band flying the flag of top-notch modern metal higher than ever before! 

This outfit is heavy, right? And not just concerning sound, but tone… we’re talking quicker than lightning and stronger than thunder. Jesus Piece commands a voice that is supple yet certain–a voice built from balanced, resonant guitar; bass that is round as well as precise; compressed yet soulful drumming; and passionate, urgent screams. An effective mixture of ambiguous lead guitar and pummeling rhythm section, this song is a flagship example of how to tastefully navigate dynamics–without sacrificing energy or intensity.

Worlds away from the unforgiving half-time stomp favored by many of their ‘beat-down’-leaning peers, Jesus Piece thrives in action, rarely abandoning that industrial–almost inhuman–drive, creating a vacuum where ‘tension and release’ begins to feel more emotional than musical! Accurate, decisive–this East-Coast ensemble leaves bruises with painful pockets of jackhammer blast-beats and sluggish, sour guitar! 

Words by Thomas Hiscock

Stream ‘Silver Lining‘ here

Pre-order/Pre-save …So Unknown here

jesus piece so unknown album

Jesus Piece – …So Unknown tracklisting

1.  In Constraints
2. Fear of Failure
3. Tunnel Vision
5. Silver Lining
6. Gates of Horn
7. Profane
8. An Offering To The Night
9. Stolen Life
10. The Bond

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