My Chemical Romance – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 14th March @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Bris QLD

My Chemical Romance Gerard Way 2023 Brisbane Australia March 14 wall of sound

My Chemical Romance
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Bris QLD
March 14, 2023
Support: Jimmy Eat World

We’re not okay, we promise.

My Chemical Romance FINALLY returned to Australia, you know, for those shows that were originally announced back in 2019? Anyway, we’re not dwelling on the past, but what happened on the night of the second show in Brisbane at the Entertainment Centre, Australia.

Opening the night was Jimmy Eat World who once again delivered a glorifying performance, including straight up fire performances of ‘Bittersweet‘, ‘Bleed American‘ and the obvious crowd favourite, ‘The Middle‘. Seeing the elder emos losing the minds over this band was such a delight to witness.

Next up was the main attraction, My Chemical Romance, with the ever-charismatic Gerard Way, lead guitarist Ray Toro, rhythm guitarist Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way, alongside touring drummer Jarrod Alexander and keyboardist Jamie Muhoberac .

Please enjoy these insights from our team on the ground, photographer Bree Vane and writer Cait Maca.

Bree’s Night

Watching Life on the Murder Scene for the first time as a kid was what inspired my career in the music industry. Getting to not only see them play in my lifetime, but shooting their show too is a dream I never thought possible. They are some of the most talented performers I have ever heard live and their stage production is like right out of a music video. This show was truly one to tell the grandchildren.

Memorable moments include: Gerard performing flawlessly in heels. – The fact that from what I could tell they don’t really use any backing tracks – the accapella during ‘Cemetery Drive‘ was *chef’s kiss*

10/10 best night of my life.

Cait’s Night

The biggest thing for me was how much it meant to everyone that was there. Like there were kids of all ages, my friend was sitting near a ten year old and they were all dressed how they wanted to be dressed and having the best time. My Chem has always meant a lot to alternative people, because they’ve always been so true to themselves and the weird kids that found a way to express themselves. People get into music like that because they resonate with the themes and the band. It made me super hopeful that kids won’t have to go through what we did when we were younger because we were weird- seeing so many of them being themselves and having a great time doing it made me so happy. Teenage Cait needed My Chem, and I didn’t have them… but I’m so glad the kids of today do now.

Words and Photo Gallery by Bree Vane. Insta: @mindtheweathervane
Please credit Wall of Sound and Bree Vane if you repost.

Additional Words by Cait Macca @cait_2tone


The Foundations of Decay
I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
Our Lady of Sorrows
Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
The Ghost of You
You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
Thank You for the Venom
Boy Division
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Everybody Hates the Eagles (Noise jam session)
Welcome to the Black Parade
Planetary (GO!)
Mama Skylines and Turnstiles
The World Is Ugly
Famous Last Words


Cemetery Drive

Jimmy Eat World

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance Jimmy Eat World

My Chemical Romance – East Coast Tour 2023
Support: Jimmy Eat World

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