Deathcore Supergroup Project: Vengeance (Formerly The Big Six) Stream Debut Single ‘CUT.BLEED.REPEAT’

Project Vengeance

Forget the thrash Big Four, and look out for The Big Six Project: Vengeance. Over the holiday season, the deathcore social media circles created a bit of combustion with a bunch of content over a few days where six contemporary heavy vocalists got together to create some music together. We’ve been keeping an eye on this evolving story for quite some time and now that their first official single is streaming, it’s time to talk about this exciting (and dynamic) group.

With the original moniker The Big Six, they self-described as “your new favourite boy band” starring Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos, Fit for an Autopsy‘s Joe Badolato, Left to Suffer‘s Taylor Barber, Infant Annihilator‘s Dickie Allen, Traitors Tyler Shelton and Attila’s Chris ‘Fronz’ Fronzak.

This sextet gathered in Indiana’s Sweetwater Studios to record a debut EP in late December. Throughout the few days together, the boys messed around and had what seemed like a hell of a time partying and having fun together, posting a bunch of clips on social media – oh, and they also recorded some music. Over the holiday season, they shared a gang-vocal cover of Mariah Carey‘s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘ as they teased the (at the time) forthcoming EP.

Early in the new year, The Big Six wiped their Instagram clean as Fronz announced his departure from the band due to his commitments with Attila and family (shortly before releasing ‘Handshakes With Snakes‘). As the arguably only non-‘strictly’ deathcore vocalist in the band (with Attila usually flowing down the metalcore alley), Fronz copped some flak, with the heavy music community giving their divisive two cents.

In response he said on Twitter “Real talk- I think a lot of people forget how f*cking nasty my heavy vocals are. Wait till you hear the sh*t I dropped for The Big Six”.

Following Fronz‘ departure announcement, The Big Six announced backfill by SPITE‘s Darius Tehrani, having once again demonstrated his vocal abilities on SPITE‘s 2022 record Dedication to Flesh.

As January progressed, another member decided to unfortunately withdraw – Joe Bad. After an Instagram announcement, Shelton (who is seemingly managing the outfit) responded to a comment regarding the turnover:

“This project is a dream to me and I just wish I would’ve communicated a little more with some of these guys about how serious it was going to be. None of us were prepared for how big this was gonna be. Some labels don’t take too kindly to their vocalists being in other bands. I am learning everyone! I appreciate your patience. – Tyler”

After the band made a call-out a little while ago to deathcore fans to put recommendations forward of who could fill the big shoes of Fit For An Autopsy‘s frontman, The Big Six came back with no replacement, but rather a rebrand.

Enter Project: Vengeance; notably the opportunity to not be tied down to a ‘six person’ group and rather just put out some new music together with whatever number of mates come together, which they’ve now done – and we’re stoked about it.

They’ve now finally released their first ever official track that’s on digital streaming platforms; it’s called ‘CUT.BLEED.REPEAT.‘ and we reckon it lives up to the hype – let’s dive in. With deep, dark and groovy instrumentation, it sounds like Tehrani is leading the charge before they start to rapidly alternate through this stunning collective of deathcore vocalists. Allen, Barber and Shelton are is notably deafening with heaviness, however when Ramos hits the mic, the entire track steps up materially.

Deathcore is more alive than ever. Keen to see what else these guys have in store.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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