Trapcore Trailblazers BenchCup Drop Pop Culture Filled ‘Bloodrave’ feat. Bloom’s Jono Hawkey

BenchCup BloodRave trapcore

After completely blowing expectations with their debut release ‘Excess‘, Melbourne-based trapcore outfit Benchcup returns with the next instalment of their cross-genre journey and if you love pop culture references, you’re gonna LOVE this one!

According to the band, ‘Bloodrave‘ is a song that combines elements of Trap, Metalcore & a hint of 90s rave music to create a dark, grimey and contagious banger. Lyrically the song has a pop culture reference in damn near every line. From the obvious early mentions of Blade and Slayer, to more niche references like Stand Atlantic, Drake & Fat Joe, shares frontman Nick ‘Frowny’ Brown.

“Keep the cold out, let the Frost in” is a reference the villain in the first Blade movie, Deacon Frost. “Victims of a knife crime, Ghostface killer need a lifeline” is a nod to the movie Scream flipping the opening scene with Drew Barrymore on its head. Each time you listen to Bloodrave, a new reference will reveal itself.

But that’s not the only cool feature of this song, much like Future Static‘s Amariah Cook popping up out of nowhere on guest vocals for ‘Excess‘, this time around Bloom frontman Jono Hawkey offers up his screams to the mix and they’re more than welcomed with open arms. Frowny explains how that all came to be,

“Jono Hawkey is one of the best vocalists in the scene and Bloom are a band I’ve been backing for over 5 years now. We’ve been very fortunate that Ami was our first choice for ‘Excess’ and Jono was our first choice for ‘Bloodrave’. When you’re working with someone like Jono, you have to let them put their creative stamp on the song, it would be pointless to get a feature and then just tell them what to do and how to do it, to me that makes zero sense.”

Trap/Hip-Hop elements and metalcore could very much be the next direction the ‘core’ scene takes, and after a bit of resistance, I can safely say I’m all in for the ride!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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