Vilify Come Out Swinging With New Single ‘Take The Pill’

Newcastle heavy act Vilify are no strangers to tackling serious topics with heavy bangers, and the new single ‘Take The Pill‘ is no exception. Check out why I thought so below.

We’re led into the song with chuggy guitars before being met with an explosion of groovy riffs and heavy beats. Vocalist Amy McIntosh delivers consistently unfalteringly powerful screams about strategies on how to fight the demons in our heads, particularly with medication as the title implies. This personal message is accompanied by masterful guitars, drums, and bass skills from guitarist Deni Hourihan, drummer Kieran Jackson, and bassist Lizi Blanco. The enhanced guitars in the last chorus and breakdown finale round out this track as a highlight of Vilify’s catalogue.

Vilify consistently put out banger singles that go hard from start to finish, and ‘Take The Pill‘ is another prime example. I cannot wait to see what else they have in store this year.

Written by Tyler Lubke @Huntsman42156

Stream ‘Take The Pillhere