RUN Unleash New Belter ‘Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer’

If you’ve missed the origins of RUN, allow us to get you up to speed…

Back in 2020, the band, made up of members Lochlan Watt and Mike Deslandes unveiled their debut single ‘For You‘ amidst Lochlan’s battle with brain cancer, showcasing a brutally heavy sound to accompany his struggles. The second single ‘Find Peace‘ followed soon after and in May, the band released their first EP For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet before Lochlan took a break to recover from surgery.

Once he was given the all-clear after multiple surgeries and treatments (including a second scare in April 2022 – later revealed to be scar tissues caused by radiation therapy) a now cancer-free Watt embarked on the band’s first on-stage performances, including sets at Dark Mofo, supporting Frontierer across the country (our Adelaide coverage here), Antagonist A.D and at the start of this year, alongside Darkest Hour.

Now, the new reiteration of RUN are back with their first taste of new music ahead of the band’s busy schedule in 2023 – ‘Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer‘ is a combination of black metal meets post-metal/metalcore with Lochlan’s ominous vocals providing an audio assault to the face amidst uptempo drums and grim riffs. A guaranteed circle pit starter, this new phase of RUN comes with no restrictions and a straight-up heavy soundtrack for the struggles we face on the daily.

“Lyrically the band strays far from the emotionally turbulent introspection of 2020’s debut EP ‘For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet’. RUN marks this new phase with a searing disdain towards humanity’s recent behaviour, a gutful of venom to spit back out across all of society, and a view to indeed leaving our worst years behind us. Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer.”

Want a taste of this madness in the flash? Catch the band at the following shows

RUN – Single Launch Shows

March 10 – Last Chance, Melbourne
w/ Sundr, Tumour, Nephalem

April 6 – Brightside, Brisbane
w/ Earth Caller, Aviana, Cabal, Apate

April 8 – Crowbar, Sydney
w/ Earth Caller, Aviana, Cabal, Apate

April 15 – The New Dead XII, Adelaide
w/ Hexis, Disentomb, Misery, Alarum and more

Tickets Here

RUN is Lochlan Watt (vocals), Lewis Noke-Edwards and Arron Parker-Richards (guitars), Adrian Horsman (drums) and Benn Gaylor (bass)

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