HEAVENSGATE – And All I Loved, I Loved Alone (EP Review)

HEAVENSGATE - And All I Loved, I Loved Alone EP review

HEAVENSGATE – And All I Loved, I Loved Alone EP
Released: February 24th, 2023


Nazareth Tharratt // Vocals
Aki Vickneswaran // Bass
David Wilder // Guitar
Jack Leggett // Guitar
Caleb Kotsanis // Drums



Breathing fresh life into what can be, at times, a stale genre, HEAVENSGATE have seemingly popped up out of nowhere and attracted our attention instantly. The Melbourne-based metalcore group have impressed listeners across the country, and the world, straight out of the gates with their singles. Can the full EP live up to the high standard that they have already set? Let’s assess!

The EP kicks off with ‘Chemical Heaven’, the beefy guitar riffs bring me to the edge of my seat as I listen in anticipation for what is to come. My focus is quickly directed toward the sounds of drummer Caleb Kotsanis, his contributions mesh perfectly with the technical guitar riffs and pinch harmonics while vocalist Nazareth Tharratt spits venom into mic, creating a sound that flows effortlessly into an eerily ambient outro. The song matter consists of the extremely personal journey one goes through after experiencing a trauma such as sexual abuse. Lyrics such as “Underneath the sparkling skin, colourless sensations creep their way in, trying to remove from her all that is pure until she is hollowed out, pale faced on the bathroom floor” suggests a brutally honest narrative that may require a trigger warning for some.

‘Comfort In The Slow Death’ kicks off on a similar note to which the previous song left off. Low-tuned guitars catch my attention immediately, the chuggy yet delicate intricacies of the guitar work is outstanding. The introduction of synthesizers in the lead up to the breakdown is an excellent addition as well. The breakdown itself is what I would consider a mosher’s wet dream, it’s slow yet viciously heavy. When the time comes for me to witness this song being performed in a live setting, you can catch me running for cover. At this point, we are greeted with popular single ‘Ginsick’. Kotsanis’ fast-paced blast beats take us into an aggressive guitar riff that is sure to get you moving. The blast beats continue to be a core component of this track from beginning to end, which is a welcomed dynamic. As we approach the track’s outro, the instrumentals take a pause while angelic clean vocals are introduced and soon become layered with unclean vocals, which work together magnificently.

The quintet then slow things down for ‘Loversdance’. The slow instrumentals give Tharratt the opportunity to flourish in the limelight as his soaring clean vocals manage to fulfil the highest of expectations. The repeating lyric “Where have you been?” reflects the nature of the song’s true meaning, which centres around struggling to let go of a failing or failed relationship. Despite the fact that this group stepped away from their heavy roots with this one, they still managed to create an incredible piece of art, proving that they aren’t a bunch of one-note ponies. Returning to their usual abrasive metalcore sound, ‘Shemoveslikethunder’ introduces two-step drum fills, which all of you moshpit maniacs are sure to love. Much like in previous tracks, thumping guitars are a staple in this offering, which is something I would never complain about.

Finishing off the EP is ‘Symbiotic Suicide’ and in true HEAVENSGATE fashion, the track begins with a technical riff that pulls you in and asks ‘are you fucking listening?!’ which of course I am. From this point, the song ebbs and flows quite a lot. Throughout the chorus, the instrumentals slow down and give Tharratt the opportunity to prosper in the spotlight. The verses are unpredictably heavy, ranging from heavy mosh riffs to two-step drum fills and everything in between without any warning. This one is more of a ‘rollercoaster while blindfolded’ type of experience; a noteworthy and thrilling way to finish the release.

And All I Loved, I Loved Alone is a lot to take in at first. The confronting and extremely personal themes, as well as the overwhelmingly impressive displays of musicianship and songwriting take a number of spins to truly wrap your mind around. Not only have HEAVENSGATE made a mark on the Australian metalcore community, but with this release under their belts, they could soon become a key player in this country’s next generation of heavy acts.

HEAVENSGATE - And All I Loved, I Loved Alone EP review

HEAVENSGATE – And All I Loved, I Loved Alone EP tracklisting:

1. Chemical Heaven
2. Comfort In The Slow Death
3. Ginsick
4. Loversdance
5. Shemoveslikethunder
6. Symbiotic Suicide

Rating 9/10
And All I Loved, I Loved Alone is out this Friday via Greyscale Records & 1126 Records. Pre-save here
Review by Adam Rice

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