Cattle Decapitation Wipe The Slate Clean With ‘We Eat Our Young’ + New Album ‘Terrasite’

Cattle Decapitation promo 2023

San Diego death metal/grindcore stalwarts Cattle Decapitation have finally released the details of their newest full length, Terrasite. Their tenth album – and first in over three years – sees the longtime Metal Blade artist’s push their ferocious sound into more diverse and epic territory.

Guitarist Josh Elmore notes;

“After a record like Death Atlas, you have to make a turn. Everything about that album – the concept, artwork, music, etc. – was a final statement. The only way to move forward is rebirth. In approaching the newest record, it was not only necessary to keep the musical trajectory the band has been aiming towards since the beginning, but also to further explore the ambient/textural elements that were part of Death Atlas.”

The LP’s first teaser is the merciless ‘We Eat Our Young’. Having previewed the song on the recent North American and European dates, it features all the relentless pace and power that has made Cattle Decapitation one of most vital and unique bands in all of extreme metal. A reverb-soaked bridge is the track’s only moment of reprieve, with multiple tempo and feel changes keeping the listener on edge until the track’s final beat.

Check out the new tune – and Terrasite‘s eye-popping artwork – below!

Words by Andrew Kapper

Pre-Order/save Terrasite here

Cattle DecapitationTerrasite tracklisting

1. Terrasitic Adaptation
2. We Eat Our Young
3. Scourge Of The Offspring
4. The Insignificants
5. The Storm Upstairs
6. …And The World Will Go On Without You
7. A Photic Doom
8. Dead End Residents
9. Solastalgia
10. Just Another Body

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