The Beautiful Monument Embark On Next Era with New Jam ‘Hellbound’

the beautiful monument hellbound new song

The next era of The Beautiful Monument is here!

Our favourite human beings in the entire world are back with a new song and it is an electrifying synth-goth-emo crossover, made hauntingly beautiful by frontwoman Lizi Blanco‘s alluring vocals.

Also featuring bassist Amy McIntosh stepping up to deliver more heavy screams that she’s been honing in on in her side project Vilify (also feat. her TBM witchy-poo/wifey Lizi), which have added a whole new dynamic to the band that will most certainly set them apart from the rest of the crowd in Australia’s emo/alternative music scene. With Alex and Andy shredding on guitars while Adam bashes away at that kit, it is the finest display of what makes this band so special.

If you don’t know much about their back catalogue, uppercut yourself.

The music video is next level. An actual witch hunt inspiration gives it a magnificent edge and all I can think is, this band just levelled up ten-fold.

On ‘Hellbound‘, Lizi shares:

“This track is about perseverance through self doubt. A personal case for me was writing music after being harshly criticized about my writing style and strongly believing that nothing I brought to the table ever did the instruments justice. That doubt started spreading to some people close to me too. But it’s so much more than just music, it was everything in life; my job, relationships, business ventures, e.v.e.r.y.thing. I hadn’t felt this defeated in such a long time – it’s like a disease. No matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, you just keep pushing forward, even when others around you also doubt your ability.”

The band told us in our Knight And Day Festival AfterFilm interview that they were moving away from the themes associated with their first two albums, I’m The Sin (2017) and I’m The Reaper (2019), and if this is a taste of what’s to come, we cannot WAIT for what else they’re sitting on.

Catch The Beautiful Monument touring alongside Escape The Fate and D.R.U.G.S. throughout April.

Stream ‘Hellboundhere

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