Frenzal Rhomb Announce New Album + Debut Lead Single ‘Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids’

One of the best things that Frenzal Rhomb do so well is release short, punchy, punk rock songs that get stuck in your head for years to come – case in point ‘Never Had So Much Fun‘ and ‘When My Baby Goes To Rehab‘.

It’s been a hot minute since they dropped their last album (the ARIA-nominated Hi-Vis High-Tea in 2017), but now, you can get all up in their latest release, the thought-provokingly titled ‘Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids‘ which is the lead single/opening track from their upcoming album The Cup of Pestilence – set for release on April 7th.

Written in our houses, mostly during the pandemic, demoed at The Pet Food Factory, and recorded, mixed and mastered at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado in the year of our lord 2022, by Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore, Andrew Berlin, Chris Beeble and a cast of other people who look better in chainmail than we do. Art by Glenno and his beautiful warped mind.

Coming in at a whopping 1 minute 41 seconds long (I’ve taken poops longer than that!) The music video is a one-shot cartoon showing life at the local pub, which is full of eshays, questionable parenting and frontman Jay Whalley humming along to the catchy bassline. It’s pure Frenzal fun and it’ll be stuck in your head all day.

Stream ‘Where Dugs Dealers Take Their Kidshere

Pre-Order The Cup of Pestilence here

frenzal rhomb the cup of pestilence

Frenzal Rhomb – The Cup of Pestilence tracklisting

1. Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids
2. Gone to the Dogs
3. The Wreckage
4. Dead Man’s Underpants
5. Lil Dead$**t
6. Laneway Dave
7. Instant Coffee
8. Dog Tranquiliser
9. I Think My Neighbour Is Planning to Kill Me
10. Horse Meat
11. How to Make Gravox
12. Deathbed Darren
13. Tontined
14. Fireworks
15. Hospitality and Violence
16. Those People
17. Old Mate Neck Tattoo
18. Finally I Can Get Arrested in This Town
19. Thought It Was Yoga but It Was Ketamine 

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