Stand Atlantic Address Self-Doubt in ‘kill(h)er’

Stand Atlantic 2023

Continuing the momentum from the release of their album F.E.A.R. last May, Aussie pop punk icons Stand Atlantic are back with a brand new song that’s gonna hit you in the feels if you doubt yourself… a lot!

kill[h]er‘ is an anthem for those who suffer from a tremendous amount of self-doubt, something frontwoman Bonnie Fraser spoke openly about when discussing the song:

“self-sabotage is a bitch, self-doubt kills and denying good and genuine parts of yourself because you’ve been conditioned to think they’re not good enough is a form of murder. it’s a reminder to myself not to give in to that shit. personal growth is important but don’t deny who you are. sometimes i find myself thinking back to who i used to be and missing that person.”

Combining jarring riffs, an outstanding chorus and emotion you can feel when listening to Bonnie belt out the words, you’re gonna feel something when you hear this for the first time… and the 100th.

Stand Atlantic are taking over the world, but at the end of the day, they’re just like you and I – let’s get behind them, and each other, and spread encouragement like wildfire.

Stream ‘kill[h]erhere

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