Thornhill Fundraiser Announced Following Gear Theft

If you’ve been on the Internet at all, in the last week, you’ll have seen the horrible news of what happened to Thornhill. The Melbourne band had their warehouse broken into, and over $100,000 worth of professional gear was taken. This comes after a challenging, six months for the band that saw them Cancel their appearance in Europe last year, and the departure of member and manager Matt Van Duppen.

In an emotional post from the band, they explained: 

‘This is a devastating blow to the band after the last year we have had trying to get back on track mentally, gearing up for a big year of touring, however with this incident nearing $100,000 worth of belongings stolen we have barely anything left, with drums, cymbals,guitar equipment, IEM racks, merch, cases, banners and personals being amongst the things stolen from the premises.’

A gofundme was promptly created with a goal of $50,000. Support and donations began to flood in from fans, friends, companies, crew, bands and band members that Thornhill have toured with. Despite the gofundme goal being met and exceeded, the band have still only raised just over half of the value of what was lost

Today, 24Hundred has launched a huge test press raffle in collaboration with UNFD and Greyscale, up for grabs are:

Thornhill – Heroine x2
Thornhill – The Dark Pool x2
Thornhill – The Dark Pool (Deluxe) x2
Void Of Vision – Hyperdaze (Redux) x2
Silent Planet – Iridescent x2
Erra – Self Titled x2
Alpha Wolf – A Quiet Place To Die (Deluxe)
Belle Have – Time Changes Nothing
Onslow – Self Titled
The Comfort – Experience Everything. Live And Die.

Every entry will be $10, and you will go into the draw to win test presses from Thornhill and some of your favourite artists who have graciously donated their own test presses for you to win.

Alongside this there is also an amazing HORNY 4 THORNY short if you want to rep your support for Thornhill.

All the details can be found here – let’s get behind Thorny!

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