Dino Cazares Talks New Fear Factory Frontman

Dino Cazares Fear Factory frotnman new burton c bell

2023 is already gearing up to be yet another return to form for heavy metal fans and our very own metal bogan Duane James from Duane’s World caught up with one of the most prolific metalheads in existence – Dino Cazares – to chat about his future plans with the return of Fear Factory this year!

Not only will the band have new material (they’ve just re-signed contracts with Nuclear Blast Records), but they’ll also have a new frontman, following the sudden departure of Burton C. Bell back in September 2022.

The announcement of Fear Factory‘s new vocalist is set to arrive any day now, but backstage at Good Things Festival, Dino spoke openly about him, and how he’s been getting them ready for the influx of comments – both good and bad – from the at times toxic metal community:

“I had a lot of preparation with him because, you know, he’s going to have to be able to not only fill some big shoes, which he can vocal-wise, but he’s never been inside, in that arena. You know (where) you’re gonna have the media, you’re gonna have internet trolls coming after you. So that’s one of the main things I’m getting him prepared for because some people just can’t handle that emotionally.” says Cazares. “He’s gonna get it instantly and it’s going to be bombarded on him.”

Dino also added that he understands where the negativity is coming from, but hopes fans can be more open-minded to change; change that allowed the band to keep going.

“But I understand where some people are coming from, some people are not always adaptable to change; and Burton C. Bell definitely did have the legendary voice for Fear Factory, but things change, people’s lives change and sometimes you just gotta move on and that’s exactly what we’ve both done.”

The next question is obvious, will we get to see this new vocalist in action before the band hits the road on their massive 50+ date tour across America alongside Static-X and dope? You betcha!

“We’re definitely going to be recording some rehearsals so people can see this guy.”

And lastly, once the dust settles and Fear Factory are rebirthed into the world, when does Dino foresee the band hearing back down under to Australia?

“It probably won’t be until 2024 because 2023 is pretty much booked up, so I’m hoping 2024 – hopefully one of these festivals [Good Things] or just a headlining gig.”

Fear Factory were last in Australia wayyyyy back in 2016, and we are mad keen for their return. Watch the full interview below and make sure you keep an eye on our socials for the latest news surrounding the band.

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