Enterprise Earth Share Diverse Single ‘The World Without Us’

Enterprise Earth 2023

Washington four-piece Enterprise Earth are soaring into 2023 with new material. After stepping into January with brand new track ‘Death Magick‘, the death group have a second track before the month is out. The new tracks come after their latest The Chosen which is only a year old. A second song has now emerged called ‘The World Without Us‘ and it’s another banger with Travis Worland rocking the mic.

Fans have been loving the band’s fresh sound and the new track keeps the pace going, however you might be a bit surprised with this one, as it’s completely different to what we’ve been hearing from them lately.

Enterprise Earth spend the first minute and a half in an ambient metalcore trance, making you do a double-take on the song you clicked play on. It eventually does take a turn to a thrashy style where the band embrace speed more than ever before and swivel in and out of their soul crushing deathcore moments. There’s even a brief prog-interlude at the end that’ll get the whole scene talking.

Spin the new single at midnight local time.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘The World Without Us‘ here

Enterprise Data The World Without Us

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