Paramore Debut Another Magnificent Single ‘C’est Comme Ça’


We’re just a month away from Paramore‘s sixth studio album This Is Why, out February 10 via Atlantic Records. So far the wonderful Hayley Williams and friends have shared with us two singles last year, including title track ‘This Is Why‘ and ‘The News.

Today the alt group have a third single has been spilled across the internet, and it’s called ‘C’est Comme Ça’ which is French for ‘It’s like that‘. You can stream the track below right now and see how it compared to its preceding two singles. Superfan and Wall of Sound writer Heather McNab has once again shared her review on the new single.

This is actually the shortest song on the record, which means if every song is going to be this good, we’re in for a real treat when the album is released. ‘C’est Comme Ça‘ is catchy and lyrically more poetic in style than any other traditional Paramore song, at times feeling like Williams is reading a spoken word poem while still singing. It’s an explorative effort and one that has really paid off. It’s catchy, beautiful and even after just one listen, it’s going to be stuck in my head.

On the new single, Williams comments:

“I’m trying to get un-addicted to a survival narrative. The idea of imminent doom is less catastrophic to me than not knowing anything about the future or my part in it. The guys and I are all in much more stable places in our lives than ever before. And somehow that is harder for me to adjust to.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90) & Heather McNab

Stream ‘C’est Comme Ça‘ here

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Paramore This is Why Album

Paramore – This is Why tracklisting

1. This Is Why
2. The News
3. Running Out of Time
4. C’est Comme Ça
5. Big Man, Little Dignity
6. You First
7. Figure 8
8. Liar
9. Crave
10. Thick Skull

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