Obituary – Dying Of Everything (Album Review)

ObituaryDying Of Everything
Released: January 13, 2023

Line Up:

Donald Tardy // Drums
Trevor Peres // Rhythm Guitar
John Tardy // Vocals
Terry Butler //  Bass
Kenny Andrews // Lead Guitar



Bang, and just like that we’re into a new year with fresh music already hitting our eardrums. Six years since their last self-titled release, certified death metal OGs Obituary are finally dropping their latest, and eleventh, full length Dying Of Everything. Far more groove and riff orientated than most of their peers, Obituary are still putting in the hard graft almost 35 years into their career. Staying busy during the Covid downtime with a host of live streams, the Floridian five-piece also used that time to write and produce their newest effort. Wrapped up in fantastic artwork from the late Mariusz Lewandowski, will Dying Of Everything be worthy of Obituary’s lauded name?

Things are immediately off to a good start with album opener ‘Barely Alive’. Big and powerful, it packs an almost Slayer-esque ending – supporting the Bay Legends legends on their final tour clearly rubbed off on them. Following tune, and first single, ‘The Wrong Time’ is an obvious choice as the LP’s first taster. A mid-paced track, it’s chorus is immediate and catchy – John Tardy’s vocals have lost none of their power and uniqueness – however it might go for about 45 seconds too long.

Recorded and produced in-house once again, the reverb-drenched sound is a little hit-and-miss. Trevor Peres’ signature thick guitar tone is firmly-present as always, but the cavernous drums are almost distracting at times. Yes, the slower parts are enhanced, but when the pace quickens Tardy’s vocals start to get lost in the mix. For a frontman with an iconic and instantly recognisable voice, it’s a cardinal sin.

The title track sees the high BPMs continue with another thrash influenced cut – Dying Of Everything’s centrepiece is one of it’s best moments. The groove-driven ‘Without A Conscience’ features some great lead work from Ken Andrews, with the longtime guitarist showing off his classic extreme metal chops countless times across the album. As the back end of the record approaches, things get a little underwhelming. ‘By The Dawn’ is forgettable, as is the booming ‘Weaponize The Hate’. ‘My Will To Live’ is a little bland to begin with, but picks up during it’s dynamic bridge. Fortunately, things end of a strong note, with the doomy and nasty ‘Be Warned’ – an excellent way to close the release. A near six-minute trudge, Obituary hold their nerve and keep the number’s pace crippling slow throughout, never giving in to temptation by speeding things up. A very cool way to finish Dying Of Everything.

While some of their peers may have fallen off or suffered fractured lineups, Obituary have stayed the course for nearly four decades. While not an earth-shattering collection of music, Dying Of Everything another solid album from the legendary band. It’s testament to their consistency and keeps their legacy burning strong; no big risks taken, just ten slabs of classic death metal. It’s not fault free however – the second half-drags, and the production is hit or miss at best – but you can tell the genuine passion is still there. Ultimately, it’s a must listen for Obituary devotees and a highly recommended check-out for old-school death metal fans. New to the legends? Maybe start with their classic first trio of full lengths.

Obituary – Dying Of Everything tracklisting

1. Barely Alive
2. The Wrong Time
3. Without A Conscience
4. War
5. Dying of Everything
6. My Will To Live
7. By The Dawn
8. Weaponize The Hate
9. Torn Apart
10. Be Warned 

Rating: 6.5/10
Dying Of Everything is out January 13 on Relapse Records. Order here
Review By – Andrew Kapper. Twitter: @andrew_kapper

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