Wall of Sound Presents: “2022 YEAR IN REVIEW” – By Writer Will Oakeshott

If I can’t make it ’til 2022,
At least we’ll see how long I can swim.” – Anthony Green, ‘2022’, L.S Dunes, Past Lives 2022.

The above lyrics from one of my favourite releases of this past year, featuring royalty of the post-hardcore genre, is my best summation for the year that has flown by. 2021 was one of the hardest of my life, 2022 continued that paradigm but I remained resilient and persistent and the pay off has been truly overwhelming.

First, the band that I am fortunate enough to be in: SwordfishTrombone. We have grown from a four-piece who self-organised a lot of shows and would play whatever we were able to play, to an outfit that won the South Australian title to perform at Wacken Festival in Germany presented by Destroy All Lines.

We did not win the grand prize, but we played our first show in Melbourne at Stay Gold and were informed by judges that we were certainly up there as contenders for the award. We recorded our first video for our single ‘He Calls It “Aqua Cola”‘ (thank you Ashley Pollard!) that in turn helped us win the South Australian Music Award for ‘Best Heavy Act’ 2022, an accomplishment I still have not wrapped my head around. We were invited to and opened Froth & Fury Fest at Pirate Life Brewing supporting Alestorm from Scotland and many of our favourite acts including King Parrot, Totally Unicorn, Clowns, Nicholas Cage Fighter, Earth Rot and many more – this event had 2500 attendees at its height. We headlined numerous shows, we returned to Melbourne to another sold out audience, we travelled to regional SA to great success and we even had to turn down an international support that was offered to us due to conflict of being in demand, which has been unheard of my whole life as a performer. Literally, I pinch myself at all of these triumphs, because it does not seem real.

So it seems I can swim and I plan on continuing to. Not forgetting the remarkable shows I have witnessed this year, the new music I have heard and life occurrences I have experienced, 2023 is an adventure I am excited to undertake.


10. SoulflyTotem
9. PsycropticDivine Council

8. The SmileA Light For Attracting Attention
7. AlexisonfireOtherness

6. HeilungDrif

5. L.S DunesPast Lives

4. Stray From The PathEuthanasia
3. Freedom Of FearCarpathia
2. He Is LegendEndless Hallways
1. BlackbraidBlackbraid 1

TOP 10 SONGS OF 2022

10. Aurora‘Everything Matters’
9. Hot Water Music‘Habitual’
8. Russian Circles‘Gnosis’
7. Norma Jean‘A Killing Word
6. Thrice‘Open Your Eyes And Dream’

5. Behemoth‘The Deathless Son
4. Rolo Tomassi‘Closer
3. Greg Puciato‘Lowered
2. Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster‘Burn The Witches
1. Botch‘One Twenty Two’


5. Shameful self plug: SwordfishTrombone‘He Calls it “Aqua Cola”’

4. Cave In‘Blood Spiller’

3. Comeback Kid – ‘Heavy Steps’

2. Stray From The Path – ‘III’

1. Cancer Bats – ‘Lonely Bong’


Aussie Band: Totally Unicorn – every time they play.

International Band: Chelsea Wolfe & Emma Ruth Rundle at The Odeon Theatre, Dark Mofo Festival, Hobart.


Sunk Loto interview with Luke McDonald and Jason Brown.

It was a great chat and it had been 15 years since we last spoke; the insight they delivered was without barriers and very enjoyable. Also, when Frenzal Rhomb share the article, you have probably written something rather worthwhile.


State Of You from the UK.

With the demise of Every Time I Die I literally felt like I lost a part of myself and there is an emptiness still. However, this young and very new outfit bring a punk rock energy and southern tinged hardcore formula that patches up the emptiness very well. The EP is stunning, I spent quite a lot of money having the cassette bundle shipped from overseas, but I have played it daily and I adore it. Really hoping they tour at some point and SwordfishTrombone would be honoured to be on-board, or maybe they would like to do a split? Wink wink hehe.


They are already moving in leaps and bounds, but Adelaide’s Freedom Of Fear are the next Tech Death Metal marvel.


Myrkur’s new album, Thrice’s new album, The Cure’s new album (thankfully they delivered two new songs live, so it is real), Evergreen Terrace’s new songs (confirmed by Craig Chaney), new material from former Every Time I Die members, new Chelsea Wolfe album, experiencing Heilung live, Dark Mofo Festival 2023, new Obituary album, Lo’s new album, Darkest Hour tour, Alexisonfire tour (was great to interview Dallas Green again after so many years) and now that we are getting swamped with Festivals and International artists touring, as many of those as I can get to.

Personally, 2022 was a massive year for me. I embarked on a new career which had many ups and downs, certainly a lot of illness and burnouts, but have somewhat come through to the other side, well of this year anyways. As mentioned above, my band SwordfishTrombone achieved so much this year, yet this is still only just the beginning, new music is on the horizon and I believe many are going to be rather shocked in an impressive value on what is about to be delivered. Tour plans are already in organising stages; having won the South Australian title of the Wacken Festival Competition we have been promised a festival slot presented by Destroy All Lines, so cannot wait to see which event we are fortunate enough to play at. Regardless, we will push forwards with our music as we constantly do.

I am excited to see where Wall Of Sound is headed, boss-man Paul ‘Browny’ Brown has done such an incredible job and what is in store for the future is awe-inspiring; I am so honoured to be a part of the team, the writer from little Ol’ Adelaide.

Unfortunately for my out-of-music loves, namely surfing and bodyboarding, South Australia has experienced one of the worst years in history due to La Niña, so I am hoping in 2023 I am able to get out into the water exponentially more. Furthermore, just be a better friend, uncle, son, manager and all round person and seize more opportunities when they are presented whether acting again, writing in other fields or even travel.

Written by Will Oakeshott @TeenWolfWill

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