††† (Crosses) – Permanent.Radiant (EP Review)

††† (Crosses) - Permanent.Radiant large

††† (Crosses) Permanent.Radiant EP
Released: December 9th 2022

Line Up:

Chino Moreno
Shaun Lopez

††† (Crosses) online:


Originally starting life as a side-project of DeftonesChino Moreno, Shaun Lopez of Far and Chuck Doom, †††’s (Crosses’) 2014 debut record was a diverse collection, both dreamy and brooding. A large step-away from Moreno’s day-job, Crosses’ sound touches on electronic rock, trip-hop, and even modern pop production – it’s not world’s away from The Weeknd’s earlier, darkwave-orientated work. And of course Moreno possesses one of the best and most instantly recognisable voices in music. After a large period of inactivity, Crosses’ have been slowly drip-feeding fans new material since the end of 2020. Stripped back to a duo following Doom’s departure, the LA-based group have finally delivered their latest effort, the Permanent.Radiant EP.

A continuation of the sound and style of their debut, the six-track release is forward-thinking and modern – yet not stepped in any current cliches. The slow burning ‘Sensation’ is a perfect opener and perfectly sets the tone. Restrained vocals and beats build up to give way to huge drums and big powerful chorus. Following number ‘Vivien’ dives deeper into darker territory with throbbing bass and distorted soundscapes, while the seductive ‘Cadavre Exquis’ is clearly made for nocturnal activities. 

The back to back cuts ‘Day One’ and ‘Holier’ struggle to compete with the quality of the three songs before them. Both are the two lightest tracks on the EP, but just miss that certain hook or ear-worm to take them to the next level. Permanent.Radiant does end on a strong note though with the excellent ‘Procession’. Its fantastic outro guitar line is a great example of Lopez’s instrumental strengths. It’s easy to think of this as the Chino Moreno project, but Lopez is an equal partner when it comes to the best moments of this extended play.

Permanent.Radiant is a fantastic EP from two very talented artists. The loss of Chuck Doom could have seen the group split, but Moreno and Lopez have put in the work together to create another great release. Eclectic, catchy and wrapped up in a rich, low-end heavy mix, Crosses’ put their sole energy into melody, atmosphere and the song. While the middle may sag a little, the best compliment that can be paid to Permanent.Radiant is that it’s so much more than just a new collection of songs for Deftones/Moreno fanboys and girls – Crosses have all the potential to achieve genuine mainstream success.

††† (Crosses) - Permanent.Radiant large

††† (Crosses)Permanent.Radiant EP tracklisting

  1. Sensation
  2. Vivien
  3. Cadavre Exquis
  4. Day One
  5. Holier
  6. Procession

Rating: 8/10
Permanent.Radiant EP is out now on Warner Music. Order here
Review By – Andrew Kapper. Twitter: @andrew_kapper 

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