Currents Blast Crushing New Track ‘Vengeance’

Currents 2023

Currents ain’t giving up on 2022 just yet. On the back of career defining record The Way It Ends in 2020, the Connecticut boys returned with huge single ‘The Death We Seek‘. They also recently played some massive Aussie shows at Alpha Wolf‘s CVLTfest in Melbourne (our review here) as well as a bunch of shows with Silent Planet.

We’re bursting at the seams as a second single has now emerged called ‘Vengeance‘. The four-minute track is an absolute ripper with endless crunchy riffs and some truly bellowing vocals; possibly the heaviest vocals we’ve heard from Brian Willie. The brutality is unforgiving and will have you awestruck with its intensity.

On the new single, Willie comments:

“‘Vengeance’ is the manifestation of pent-up aggression over the last few years since the release of our album The Way it Ends. It’s becoming disillusioned, taking yourself to places you never thought you’d be, and the rage and despair that comes along with that. It also talks about the desire to let those feelings go and to move forward, but not without digging deeper into that negativity first and exploring the satisfaction that comes with the right revenge…”

We haven’t had a Currents album announcement for 2023 yet, but hopefully we’ll get one imminently.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Vengeance‘ here

Currents Vengeance

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