VIDEO PREMIERE: Darkmatter Dial Up Production For ‘Claustrophobia’

We first discovered Darkmatter with their 2021 single ‘Binge‘ and ever since, we’ve been obsessed. The Perth band went onto release their Project Darkmatter earlier this year and they’re not quite done before packing it in for 2022. With a forthcoming release on the horizon, we are proud to debut the music video for Darkmatter‘s brand new ripper single ‘Claustrophobia‘. We grabbed guitarist and clean vocalist Josh Martin for a quick chin-wag about the new track and what’s in store for the band in 2023.

Darkmatter have dropped not one, but two releases in 2022 (!) and now there’s more with new single ‘Claustrophobia’ – when do you guys ever sleep?

Short answer is, we don’t haha. Since the release of our first single ‘Binge’ last year it’s been non-stop for us. We’ve been very active in writing, recording, filming etc. and that’s exactly how we plan to continue. We all knew it was going to be a grind but seeing how well our music has been received definitely makes it all worth it.

‘Claustrophobia’ is obviously stepped up production and packs a punch in terms of heaviness and delivery. What can you share about the process of putting this one together?

Every now and then a track comes along that almost feels like it writes itself, that’s what ‘Claustrophobia’ was for us. We set out to write something punchy, fast paced, and aggressive and this is the result. Usually, we’re the type of band that could spend weeks fine-tuning tracks but for this one the riffs, vocals, and lyrics all fell into place nicely so this was a breeze.

What would you describe the song to be all about?

‘Claustrophobia’ addresses unhealthy love, and how drastically someone can change just to hold on to that love, even if it’s toxic and destructive. It also talks about how obsession can so easily mask the reality of the situation you’re in. Some people would rather accept the bare minimum than be alone.

Now, it seems like this track is the first taste of something bigger coming, like another EP or LP – what can you share with readers about it?

You’re absolutely right. ‘Claustrophobia’ is one of 3 tracks from our upcoming release titled The Anatomy of Violence – named after the book written by Adrian Raine. We definitely like to mix things up a little so expect to hear a blend of heavy and soft, some trap/hip-hop, and also some drum and bass. It might sound a little strange but you’ll understand come release day.

Is ‘Claustrophobia’ representative of the kind of direction we can expect to hear on the next Darkmatter release?

Yes and no. As a band we like to try to make each track feel different to the next, so we’re always looking to try new things and experiment with new sounds. Our aim is to try to blur some of the boundaries set between genres and create something special. Track 2 titled ‘Overdose’ from our upcoming release definitely highlights this, so be sure to check that out.

Have you boys managed to play many shows across the country as the WA iron curtain has dropped? Or is it mostly local shows at the moment?

Over the past year we’ve made an effort to get our name out there locally before making the jump to other states. However, without leaving the state we’ve still had the pleasure of supporting some amazing bands including Make Them Suffer, Alpha Wolf, Fit for a King, Gravemind, ATLVS, Mirrors, and Deadlights. It’s been an amazing year for us and we’re grateful for everything that’s come our way.

What does 2023 hold for Darkmatter?

In 2023 we’ll continue to build the Darkmatter brand, this includes making the jump out of WA. It’s time for us to show the rest of Australia what we can do. Expect new music and some sick shows. It’s going to be a fun year.

Any final words for fans who are about to spin ‘Claustrophobia’ for the first time? 

This is an absolute wrecking ball of a track and we hope you enjoy it. Thank you for all of your support thus far, we appreciate you all. 

Interview by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Darkmatter is Jack Bell (unclean vocals), Josh Martin (guitar & vocals), James Glover (drums) and Jourdan Kestel (bass).

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Darkmatter Claustrophobia

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