Frankies Pizza Goes To Hell – Last Drinks Called!

“Frankie’s Pizza is the best rock n roll dive bar in the world” – Monkey, Roadie

This, or something along those lines, is what one of Taylor Swift’s roadies told me on my 2018 honeymoon in Vietnam. My memory of that night with Monkey may be a bit skewed, with me trying to go drink for drink with a man that has toured with the likes of Mötley Crüe and Aerosmith but the simple fact of the matter remains that Sydney bar, Frankie’s Pizza, has become famous around the world as being an iconic venue in the world of Rock, Punk and Heavy Metal.

But all good things must come to an end, and the news we’ve been dreading, but knew was coming, has arrived… Frankie’s Big Kahuna Jordan McDonald announced on the venue’s socials that the last night of trade will be December 11, 2022, which will coincide with Frankie’s 10th Birthday celebrations.

In a lengthy post, he put the final nail in the coffin, explaining:

“Here it is folks, the Final Campaign. We thought this venue would outlive us. We’ve seen trends come and go and steadfastly stood for RocknRoll through it all. This conviction has been rewarded with a loyal following, and steady flow of new heads eager to join the ranks and jump on the crazy train. We’re busier than ever, we are a drunken Goliath operating a peak performance! But despite all of this, it’s time to go to Hell! It’s time to leave our legions, farewell our four walls, and finish at our most fucking fearsome. With the unstoppable momentum of Sydney City’s ‘infrastructure evolution’ set to demolish Hunter Street in early 2023, we have decided on a date to depart. December 11, the night of Frankie’s 10th Birthday, will be our final night. In lead to this, we’ve programmed a period we can be proud to depart on. All killer, and lots of lip filler. Frankies World Famous House Band Finalé will feature the full cast of characters who made it an un-missable Monday night for the Rockers of Planet Earth. TNT TRIVIA will bow out with a grand prize of a YEAR OF BEER from Young Henrys. Some of the most revered acts of their realm ala Psycroptic, Wolfmother (and more) will appear on any given weeknight. ‘The Final Feast’ will probably land us all in prison, and our 10th Birthday will be one worth lining up for, early! Sydney we love you and thank you all for allowing us such a phenomenal run on your soil. Now let’s close this thing out right!”

The bar that Jordan described as a “Unicorn” has seen the likes of Debbie Harry, Priscila Presley, Dave Grohl, Phil Anselmo and a plethora of the greatest musicians and celebrities to adorn this big blue rock. The joint is already the stuff of legends. Will you be part of its final dance?

A list of the final shows and events are below, make sure to get in early to avoid disappointment and send off this world class establishment with a BANG! We’ll be there on their birthday come December 11… if we can get in. See you in line.


Words by Duane James @duanejamestattoo

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Frankie’s Pizza Goes To Hell – The Finam Campaign

December 1st to December 11

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