Five Songs That Shaped Ben Stewart (Slowly Slowly) And The Making of Daisy Chain

Happy Daisy Chain release day! We hope you’re enjoying the album as much as we did (our review here). To celebrate, vocalist Ben Stewart has shared with us the five songs that helped shape him and influenced the making of Slowly Slowly’s fourth studio album, Daisy Chain.

‘Ain’t Nobody’ – Chaka Khan

As a kid and even now I just, it’s like my favourite dancefloor song. I just love the groove and the bassline, and I just love how it’s so celebratory – but not cheesy at all. It’s got such a cool hybrid of what feels like an electronic beat, but it’s also quite organic. You can just turn it up so loud and it’s not fatiguing at all.

‘The Take Over, The Breaks Over’ – Fall Out Boy

This one definitely is a favourite for me personally, and it also plays into the Daisy Chain album as well. I feel like Fall Out Boy do a great mix of R&B vocals over the top of really classic-sounding pop punk. And it has really esoteric lyrics the whole time, and I like when you can take what you want from the song.

‘King of Wishful Thinking’ – Go West

‘King of Wishful Thinking’ is one of the saddest songs of all time, but just caged in a pop housing. It just has a really fun arrangement, a killer groove and I just love that song.

‘Lua’ – Bright Eyes

‘Lua’ is just a brilliant, naked story song where you just want the next line as soon as another one finishes, and you just keep wanting more and then all of a sudden the song’s over. It’s so beautiful.

‘Jet Lag’ – Frank Turner

I just love ‘Jet Lag’, I love listening to it in the dark with my eyes closed. And there’s also a little reference to ‘Jet Lag’ on the track ‘Turn it Around’ on Daisy Chain.

Written by Ben Stewart of Slowly Slowly

Daisy Chain is out today! Grab your copy here

Slowly Slowly – Daisy Chain tracklisting:

1. Daisy Chain
2. Blueprint
3. Turn It Around
4. Forget You
5. Nothing On
6. Achilles’ Heel
7. Hold My Breath
8. Medicine
9. God
10. Longshot
11. Moving Trains Feat. Dashboard Confessional
12. Papier-Mache

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