AJ Channer – Fire From The Gods: 5 Rap Rock Bands Dominating the Genre

If you missed it (it was a huge week for releases on October 28th), nu-metal/hard rockers Fire From The Gods dropped their third album Soul Revolution upon the world and drew in similarities between P.O.D., Sevendust and fellow rap/rock bands with a harder then mainstream edge.

The band, consisting of AJ Channer (lead Vocals), Drew Walker (Lead Guitar), Bonner Baker (Bass), Jameson Teat (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Richard Wicander (Drums) are breathing life into the scene with label, Better Noise Music behind them.

We invited AJ to shout out to the bands playing alongside Fire From the Gods he thinks are dominating the genre, and the results are in…

Rage Against the Machine.

My personal favourite band of all time amongst a few others. The GOAT. The OG King of the Hill in my humble opinion. 4 dudes with an absolutely massive sound. Without a shadow of a doubt, they’re the best to have done it. I think that’s why it’s so hard to find bands in the genre on their level. RATM set the bar so high that now anytime a band that is fronted by an emcee [emerges] everyone compares them to Rage. They’re the standard. Big up Rage forever.

Limp Bizkit

It goes without saying that L Bizzle is one of most influential bands of all time. Say what you want about Nu-Metal (and there is plenty to say about nu-metal) but honestly fuck the haters. To be fair that’s all that can be said. Those dudes really just went for it with 0 effs given. They defined a generation and Still Suck. Ha.


I found these guys some years ago when they were still called Devastator. Heavy riffs with visceral hip-hop delivery. I was eager to see where their career was headed because I thought they were on the cusp of something huge. The divide between them and Hacktivist had a bit of a buzz as well. Fuck with them heavy. Would love to do a run with them if I could.

Dropout Kings

Dope band. On the way up. Working like mad out there right now. They’re the homies as well. The music is vibey and the shows are live. Reminds me of Volumes (who was heavily influenced by hip hop.)

Hyro the Hero

Shout to the livest one. Very good friend of FFTG’s. We’re labelmates as well as neighbours practically with him being from Houston and us being from Austin. Hyro is one of the dopest emcees to front a band. Bags of energy and bars for days. He’s a real one too. I did a feature on his last mixtape went off. We haven’t toured together yet. But will soon. Mad love for my bro Hyro.

Honorable mention Candiria IYKYK!!! If not check it out. Jazz fusion NYHC with an insanely versatile hip hop heavy frontman.

Written by AJ Channer @ajfftg

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Soul Revolution is out now. Get it here.

fire from the gods - soul revolution album review

Fire From the Gods – Soul Revolution Tracklisting

  1. Soul Revolution
  2. SOS
  3. I N I
  4. Thousand Lifetimes
  5. Double Edged Sword
  6. Love Is Dangerous
  7. World So Cold
  8. Be Free
  9. The Message
  10. 8 Billion Rats
  11. Rapture (Fool Dem)
  12. Collapse

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