Mikey Arthur of The Gloom in the Corner: 8 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Trinity

The Gloom in the Corner

With The Gloom in the Corner finally unleashing their hotly anticipated full-length album Trinity this week, we knew we just had to grab frontman Mikey Arthur for a chat about the behind-the-scenes antics we don’t get to hear about in the recording process.

We’re already fully aware of tracks featuring Ryo Kinoshita (ex-Crystal Lake) and Left To Suffer‘s Taylor Barber as well as that ominous list of feature collabs scattered throughout the tracklisting, but are there any other secret vocalists on the record?

“We don’t have any secret guests on Trinity. That’s the annoying part, we were gonna try and get the voice of Master Chief from Halo on one of the songs, but it would’ve been way too expensive. Maybe on the next record.” 

But wait a minute! Mikey did mention a few notable mentions by way of voice acting on the record, from Reliqa‘s Monique Pym and The Last Martyr‘s Monica Strut doing cool things throughout the album. So if you ask me, that kind of still counts as a secret vocalist right?!

“We’ve got a few of the guest vocalists actually doing voice acting on the record. Monique Pym and Monica Strut do guest vocals throughout the entire thing, and we have Nat from LUNE, our mates, doing stuff as well. We have a whole heap of friends doing various different things as well throughout the record, which is real cool.”

So what else went on in the album’s conception process? Let’s dig in…


During the making of the album, we had a 10-minute argument about whether or not cheese platters were a dessert on video. We got all of it on video and we just dragged Matt [Stevens] for about 10 minutes. It was great. 


This is technically the first time that Nic has ever actually performed on the record because we use the MIDI kit for everything. We got him to come back in and redo all the drum fills or change stuff where he needed to. So, it’s the first time that we technically have live drums on the kit.


We had the car crash from ‘Fight Club’ sampled and used on ‘Clutch’, and in the last breakdown. We have a whole heap of different movie samples and video game samples hidden in various songs as well. We’ve got the lock-on target noise from ‘Predator’ on ‘Behemoth’. We’ve got Halo samples in ‘Behemoth’ as well.


We ordered a lot of kebabs and HSPs from our local kebab shop, shout out to Bambinos Kebabs, that was fuel for everything. 


Paul [Musolino] tracked all of the bass himself in Stratford.


Most of Trinity was tracked over COVID lockdown, and everything was just completely disjointed all the time because of COVID. What should have taken like four or five months ended up extending out to like 10 or 11 months. Everything was finalized and sent off in January, and we started at the start of 2021. It just took so long because we had to go back and change things and last little bits ended up being added in. 


All of the orchestral stuff is sampled, none of it is real. It’s amazing what you can do now, it’s crazy how quickly technology just keeps changing and evolving and making everyone’s life a lot easier with that stuff. 


I’m not sure what the final track count was, but when Jeff [Dunne] our producer finally condensed everything down to be mixable, he was sitting on about 800 tracks. To put it in comparison, he said Ice Nine Kills levelled out at 150 tracks. That poor, poor man. And that 800 was condensed already from about a thousand or something like that. It’s a dense album, I think Matt put it really well one time, he was like: “It’s not a calorie-counted album, it’s a buffet of an album.”

Prepare for the insanity with Friday’s release via Sharptone Records!

Pre-order / Pre-save Trinity here

The Gloom In The Corner Trinity

The Gloom In The Corner – Trinity tracklisting

1. From Heaven To Hell
2. Obliteration Imminent feat. Monique Pym of Reliqa
3. Ronin feat. Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake
4. Black Rot feat. Monica Strut of The Last Martyr
5. New Order feat. Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer
6. Clutch feat. Amelia Duffield
7. Pandora’s Box feat. Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial
8. Behemoth
9. Gravity
10. Red Clouds feat. Crystal Joilena, Elijah Witt of Cane Hill, Rachel Jeffreson
11. Nor Hell A Fury
12. Gatekeeper feat. Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King
13. Hail To The King feat. Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy

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