Void of Vision Unleash A New Chronicle: ‘HELL HELL HELL’

The last year has been monumental for Void of Vision. The Melburnians have taken their music to the next level with the scale of their 2021 & 2022 EPs CHRONICLES I: LUST and CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN. On the back of their stepped-up production and eclectic metalcore style, VoV have showcased their new era across a bunch of awesome tours, kicking things off with Full Tilt in July and a bunch of international gigs, before wrapping up the year with their forthcoming regional ‘HELL HELL HELL’ tour alongside Diamond Construct and The Beautiful Monument.

Does this mean we’re on the brink of hearing a CHRONICLES III: HELL release? Let’s not jump that far yet…

We do think we’re on the money though with their latest track ‘HELL HELL HELL‘ now out for the world to hear. The supposedly third chronicle continues on with same groovy ferocity where Chronicles II left off, with vocalist Jack Bergin‘s radio-style mixed vocals splattering across the building track. With elements reminiscent to a modern Northlane EDM influence, Void of Vision are really finding their feet in this big metalcore world. Oh, and beware of a pearler little breakdown which you’ll probably need a second pair of underwear for.

On the new single, vocalist Bergin comments:

HELL HELL HELL is a brand new world of Void Of Vision that has definitely been hinted at or given a nod in previous work. But this is where we truly get to showcase our own raw and explicit take on it. It’s been so insanely fulfilling to create, feeling so foreign yet strangely just as much at home within our discography alongside all our other works

To let this creativity flow so effortlessly and be able to share this with the confidence we would alongside any other piece of work we share is truly a full circle moment for us. Feeling as if we’ve been working to bury old material and leave it in the past and adding a whole new style for us into the mix at this stage has been almost therapeutic, challenging ourselves and pushing each other to new levels is now the norm for Void Of Vision and exactly where you’ll find the best material from Void Of Vision”.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘HELL HELL HELLhere

Void of Vision HELL HELL HELL

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