Voice Among The Many – White Palace (Album Review)

voice among the many - white palace

Voice Among The Many – White Palace
Released: October 14 2022


Mark Tronson // vocals
Jen Fletcher // bass
James Summersby // drums
Michael Tronson // guitar



Voice Among the Many is a virtually brand new alt/prog collective from Melbourne, featuring members of well-established band Figures

Comparisons in sound can certainly be drawn between the two bands (the sweet, passionate but powerful voice of Mark Tronson, who fronts both bands, just for starters). In addition, several moments across the course of White Palace (including the opening strains of first track ‘Ghost) remind one of the iconic Aussie band The Butterfly Effect. They wear this influence pretty openly on their collective sleeve. 

However, in both cases, it must be noted that the new project definitely has its own thing going on. VATM’s sound is a little more expansive than that of the more concise and streamlined Figures, and a touch more proggy than TBE. Influences and similarities are absolutely fine. Every band on the planet has them, and as long as they don’t push it too far, and as long as they add their own colours into the mix and take it in their own directions, it’s all good.

voice among the many band matter song

Indeed, something that may set this band apart (as opposed to being simply one voice among the many) is the very strong presence of something that’s extraordinarily rare in the Aussie alt/prog scene, love songs and power ballads (See ‘Reflections‘, ‘Everyone is You and the acoustic-based ‘Universe for Two). But please remove any thoughts of 80s hair metal from your mind, Voice Among the Many’s take on this style is gritty, emotional and atmospheric as opposed to cheesy and sappy. And these tracks work an absolute treat.

Elsewhere, there is pure rock (see ‘Same Boy, ‘Matter), triumphant pop (‘Where We Belong’), experimental and ambient moments scattered liberally throughout and plenty more besides. It’s clear that much thought, time, effort and creativity have been put into making White Palace a dark, emotive and highly varied musical journey. And this is supported by high-level musicianship, production, and the fact that Tronson is in fine vocal fettle here once again. 

This album is a real surprise packet. If you’re in the mood for something that somehow manages to be warm and familiar, but also throws its own curveball into the mix, then this record may very well be for you… 

voice among the many - white palace

Voice Among The Many – White Palace tracklisting

1. Ghost 
2. Matter 
3. Disclosure Of The Inner Mind 
4. Reflections 
5. Same Boy 
6. Universe For Two 
7. Everyone Is You 
8. Where We Belong 
9. White Palace 

Rating: 8.5/10
White Palace is out on Friday, October 14. Grab it here.
Review by Rod Whitfield

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