Eva Under Fire – ‘Expanding on Love, Drugs & Misery through Song Assoications’

It’s debut album time baby! Eva Under Fire have just dropped their first full LP release under Better Noise Music titled Love, Drugs & Misery and it’s a breakthrough hit of hard rock, fantastic collabs and a combination of the talented musicians within the band.

You only get one debut album and with that comes expectations – what direction will you take? Will there be a mix of songs showcasing various genres and more importantly, will it withstand the test of time! It’s safe to say yes to all of the above and despite being relatively new and an unknown band to our Australian audience, it brings us great pleasure to introduce you to the group as they prepare to show the world what they’ve been working on!

When we asked the band about their new release, stating the obvious, duh, we hit them up about the title and if those themes were prevalent throughout the record, to which they replied with:

Love, Drugs & Misery are all themes you hear in the lyrics on this album. The title is less poetic and more direct intentionally. It’s a kind of play on the concept of “sex, drugs & rock and roll”. If life started as a party, these songs are telling the story of how it all fell apart. The fallout, the struggle, the rebuilding of self… it’s all part of this album. As a lyricist, getting the name right for an entire body of work is always important to me because I feel like it sets the expectation. So buckle up cause I think we covered a lot of ground! From songs like ‘Heroin(e)‘ and ‘Comatose‘ which explore both the perspective of the substance abuser and their loved one through the trials of addiction, to fun-loving feisty songs like ‘Unstoppable‘ and ‘Blow‘, the range of emotion is pretty expansive.

We weren’t ready to stop there – in celebration of the release, we asked the band to play a somewhat game of word association (but with songs) based around the theme of Love, Drugs & Misery – asking the group to share with us their fav releases inspired by each of the three topics in the title.

Here’s the outcome!


HONESTLY, the first thing that came to my mind is ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness!!! I think that song just takes me back to early days with musician friends so it’s pretty nostalgic for me. I remember when random friends would bust out singing the beginning of the chorus melody and random other people would chime in for every other line 😆 cause you can’t NOT finish the hook! We’d all sound like a pack of hyenas howling the “OoOoooOOOOOOOOOO” part, then I’d usually shout in my best high pitched impression of the song “guitar!”


My pick is ‘Comfortably Numb‘ by Pink Floyd. The lyrical content fits with our drugs theme on the record but it also just so happens to be one of my favourite songs of all time AND contains one of the greatest guitar solos of all time – Rob


Ooo Ooo this is fun. Lol I’m choosing ‘Misery Business‘ because this was such a vibe when it first came out! Nothing gets my emo heart more happy than old-school Paramore. The chorus hook is so catchy and lyrically it’s probably the beginning of every scorned young woman’s villain era. – Amanda 

Get to know Eva Under Fire more by spinning their debut album below!

Eva Under Fire is Amanda Lyberg (Vocals), Rob Lyberg (Guitar), Corey Newsome (Drums), Chris Slapnix (Guitar/Vocals) and Ed Gawlik III (Bass/Vocals)

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Stream Eva Under Fire‘s album Love, Drugs & Misery here

Eva Under Fire – Love, Drugs & Misery tracklisting

1. Blow (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)
2. Unstoppable
3. With or Without You
4. Another Shot Through The Heart
5. Misery
6. The Strong
7. Death Of Me
8. Heroin(e)
9. Ghost
10. Coming For Blood (feat. From Ashes To New)
11. Comatose (feat. Jonathan Dorr of Ego Kill Talent)
12. Give Me A Reason

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