Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada: Favourite Songs From Our Career (So Far)

The Devil Wears Prada Watchtower review

With a non-stop career of heavy tunes dating back to their debut album Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord in 2006, it’s no surprise The Devil Wears Prada have unveiled a plethora of bangers over the years. But what songs do the band look back at and go, “yeah, I’m proud of that one!”? 

We grabbed guitarist Jeremy DePoyster for a deep dive through the years they’ve been active – and to help pinpoint the music that he appreciates the most from the band’s epic 17-year career, taking us all the way to their latest release Colour Decay.

The end results are…

ALBUM: Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord (2006)
SONG: Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over’

First up, I’ll go with Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over because it put us on the map, so that’s pretty good! And it’s fun, it’s a fun one.

ALBUM: Plagues (2007)
SONG: Don’t Dink and Drance’

On Plagues, I’d say Don’t Dink and Drance because it’s pretty aggressive and it’s just got some fun riffs in it!

ALBUM: With Roots Above and Branches Below (2009)
SONG: Dez Moines’

For With Roots Above and Branches Below, I’m gonna go with Dez Moines because the hilariousness of a song that I wrote getting on Guitar Hero is never lost on me. It’s just so funny, it’s like: “What?!”. 

EP: Zombie (2010)

On the Zombie EP, I’m gonna say Revive because the opening riff on it is so awesome that I wish I had written it myself! But I’m proud of Chris for doing it. 

ALBUM: Dead Throne (2011)
SONG: ‘Chicago 

For Dead Throne, I’ll say Chicago. I was really proud of writing that one at that time period on guitar. 

ALBUM: 8:18 (2013)
SONG: ‘Gloom’

With 8:18, I’ll go with Gloom because that’s a pretty heavy song and it was fun to write!

ALBUM: Transit Blues (2016)
SONG: The Condition’

For Transit Blues I’ll say The Condition. I just have really good memories of cooking some stuff up for that really late at night and in a dark period of time. And just having that song as an emotional release was nice.

ALBUM: The Act (2019)
SONG: ‘Chemical’

On The Act, I’d go with Chemical. I think, until Color Decay, that was my favourite song that we had put together. 

EP: ZII (2021)
SONG: ‘Nightfall’

For ZII, I’m going to say Nightfall just because it was the first moment that I really felt like we can really do this. It was a really challenging project because the reputation of the first Zombie EP was so sacred that it easily could have fallen on its face. And that was the first demo that I heard where I was like: “Okay, we can do this!”. 

ALBUM: Color Decay (2022)
SONG: ‘Broken’

For Color Decay, I’d say my favourite song is Broken because I like the massage of it. And I like that you can say: I’ve got my problems and that’s OK because everybody does. It’s all good. 

There you have it – make sure to let us know what your fav TDWP songs are on our socials and get the band’s latest album in your earholes stat!

Written by Jeremy DePoyster @jdepoyster

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the devil wears prada - color decay

The Devil Wears Prada – Color Decay tracklisting:

1. Exhibition
2. Salt
3. Watchtower
4. Noise
5. Broken
6. Sacrifice
7. Trapped
8. Time
9. Twenty-five
10. Fire
11. Hallucinate
12. Cancer

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