Hevenshe Reminisces on Closing Chapters of Life with ‘These Days’

It’s been a year of rebirthing for Tonight Alive‘s very own Jenna McDougall and her side project Hevenshe! Firstly she burst onto the scene with the balladesque ‘No One Will Ever Love You‘ causing mass hysteria (and press coverage) worldwide – following it up with a launch show which we were lucky enough to cover in Sydney back in June. Then came second single ‘Trying Not To Feel‘ which gave us all a better understanding of the direction Ms McDougall was heading in with her new alter ego!

Now Hevenshe is back with the next release in the form of ‘These Days‘ – which kicks off with birds chirping in the opener, leading up to thumping, mellow guitars, allowing us to appreciate the endings of one chapter in order to be ready to embrace the brighter future ahead.

On the new release, Hevenshe reflects:

“Another chapter of my life had served its purpose and was coming to an end. It was shining the light of impermanence on everything around me. This song is about glimpsing the sacred when you realise something is temporary.”

With the days getting inevitably warmer, the song acts as that perfect moment to enjoy the wonder of nature around in idyllic, still moments like sipping on your morning coffee in the early hours of the morning.

Pure bliss!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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