Lacuna Coil Share ‘Swamped XX’ off Their Comalies 20 Year Record

Lacuna Coil 2022

Ready to turn the heat up on Lacuna Coil? The five-piece are celebrating their breakthrough record Comalies with a twenty year anniversary record called Comalies XX out October 14 via Century Media Records. The idea is the album will provide a redux/remix/modern look at the record, which is so far coming together in a really cool way.

The album comes off the back of Black Anima which is about three years old now. The Italian metalers have so far shared ‘Tight Rope XX‘ which felt less like a redux and more like a reinvigoration for fans to digest. With Good Things Festival 2022 among us, this special release is giving fans an idea of what they might get to hear in December.

Lacuna Coil have now shared second single ‘Swamped XX‘ giving the opening track the facelift that it didn’t necessarily need (but we’ll certainly take). The song sees co-vocalist Andrea Ferro deepen sections to be completely unclean after the original had no growls. ‘Swamped XX‘ is a real headbanger now, while retaining its original elements.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Swamped XX‘ here

Pre-order Comalies XX here

Lacuna Coil Comalies XX tracklisting

Lacuna Coil – Comalies XX tracklisting

1. Swamped XX
2. Heaven’s A Lie XX
3. Daylight Dancer XX
4. Humane XX
5. Self Deception XX
6. Aeon XX
7. Tight Rope XX
8. The Ghost Woman And The Hunter XX
9. Unspoken XX
10. Entwined XX
11. The Prophet Said XX
12. Angel’s Punishment XX
13. Comalies XX

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