Terra Unveil New Chapter with ‘Perfect Crime’

Melbourne/Naarm alt/rock pop punkers Terra have just dropped their brand new single and this one’s set to see the band open up a new musical chapter.

While the song lyrically doesn’t stray too far from what frontwoman Cassie Jade opened up on their EP, Reverie earlier this year, ‘Perfect Crime‘ acts as the breakthrough single the band have been hiding from us all this time. Featuring chuggy punk rock guitars positioned perfectly next to Cassie’s glistening vocals, the song brings to light toxic behaviours:

“Perfect Crime is a song about being backstabbed by someone who turns people against you and tries to make you believe they did nothing wrong. The ‘Perfect Crime’ is a metaphor for getting away with toxic behaviour, gaslighting to ‘erase evidence’ from someone’s memory and replace it with a fallacy.

This song felt important for me to write to express a crappy situation I’ve been holding onto for a very long time. Other Terra songs touch on similar themes, but the lyrics haven’t been as transparent as I feel they are in this song. I wrote it for me but I know lots of people have dealt with similar situations, and to me this feels like a way to call out and shed awareness on this kind of toxic behaviour.”

To be honest, the real highlight of this entire tune is lead guitarist Sean Morris absolutely sending it into the post-chorus with those riffs. ‘Perfect Crime‘ is the beginning of big things for Terra as they seek new heights, branching out from their pop punkier roots into a bonafide rock act for the world to witness.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to ‘Perfect Crimehere

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