Vilify Question Life After The Loss of a Loved One in Hard Hitter ‘Odyssey’

With the news we’re waking up to this morning, some of us may listen to this new Vilify song a bit closer than usual because frontwoman Amy McIntosh has god and death in her sights as she bears her soul with ‘Odyssey‘ – a HEAVVVY single inspired by the passing of her late father.

On the single, Amy shared:

“Odyssey is a song I have been wanting to write for a while, 22 years to be exact. It’s about the passing of my father at a young age that started me on my rampage to question everything. Question faith. Question people. Question myself. The only thing I never questioned was the strength of my family. Whilst I understand the family unit is a complex beast and not everyone is lucky enough to have a family that loves them, if you do. Go tell them. It’s cliche and done to death but you never know when will be the last time you see them.”

With the rest of the band’s performance essentially providing the platform for her to scream upon, Amz bellows out her story with emotionally driven lyrics such as “If it was god that took you from me / Then god must hate us all / God must hate us all” driving home the message of someone being taken away from you before their time. The themes and musical construction of this song alone make it one of the best releases this Newcastle/Mulubinba act has delivered since we’ve covered them from their earliest conception.

There are chunky riffs in the breakdown, unrelenting rage from start to finish and an emotional video assisting to convey the message Vilify put into the world on this one. Just one spin isn’t enough; it’s time to wrap up these words and jump back in.

Stream ‘Odysseyhere

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