Polyphia Announce 4th Album “Remember That You Will Die” + Unveil ‘ABC’ feat. Sophia Black

Need to have your mind blown by some impressive guitar skills that only Polyphia can pull off?

You’re gonna wanna check out their upcoming fourth studio album Remember That You Will Die which is set for release on October 28th via Rise Records. Not only will you be able to hear the sheer quality of musicianship on this record, but it also features a stack of collabs including Chino Moreno (Deftones), Brasstracks, Steve Vai, and Sophia Black – who features on the jarring new single ‘ABC‘ combining her R&B- influences to the band’s eclectic playing – sure to be an eye-watering experience in a live setting!

Polyphia is comprised of guitarists Tim Henson & Scott LePage, bassist Clay Gober, and drummer Clay Aeschliman – it’s unconfirmed if they all come from another planet… we’ll look into that!

Stream ‘ABChere

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PolyphiaRemember That You Will Die tracklisting

1. Genesis feat. Brasstracks
2. Playing God
3. The Audacity feat. Anomalie
4. Reverie
5. ABC feat. Sophia Black
6. Memento Mori feat. Killstation
7. Fuck Around and Find Out feat. $not
8. All Falls Apart
9. Neurotica
10. Chimera feat. Lil West
11. Bloodbath feat. Chino Moreno
12. Ego Death feat. Steve Vai