PREMIERE: Rogue Half Reignite Spark with ‘Death Throes’

Rogue Half death throes

You know the feeling when you find a band that just speaks volumes to you and their music hits you in your core? That’s how I felt when I first came across RADelaide/Kaurna outfit Rogue Half in an alternative music Facebook group when frontman Matt Keal shared his band’s new single ‘Bite My Tongue‘ for everything to see. I was hooked, and a few short months later they followed it up with their isolation anthem ‘Play Pretend‘ which set them up in my eyes as key players to watch in Australia’s alt music scene.

Now, the band are back with a new song which they’ve willingly let us premiere to you, a day early, titled ‘Death Throes‘ and ohhhhh boy, it’s good. Matt’s honed in on his melodic vocals and the production (by the iconic Chris LalicWindwaker) is tighter than that small band tee that no longer fits you. Lenny Fyfe-Sutcliffe bashes away on the kit alongside guitarist Sam Trott and bassist Billy Bourne resulting in a hard rock sound that sounds leagues ahead of their previously released belters. One spin and you’ll be sold!

When quizzed about the new song, Matt explained to us:

“This song is all about people in your life that are no good for you, but it might be hard to let them go. Sometimes when you are in too deep, it can be really hard to see that someone is taking advantage of you. We get so tied up with people in relationships or friendships that we sometimes attribute our self worth to them, and follow them down any path regardless of the damage.”

We’ve ALL been there. And being blinded by love can make you do things even you didn’t know you were capable of. Maybe this will be the soundtrack for you to make positive changes in your life and ditch the duds…

I also pressed on about the band’s success following their two singles back in 2020 and how it helped them step up for this next level with their new track, to which Keal replied:

“We released our last few singles during a period where we were going through a lineup change, so the reception and support that we received from ‘Bite My Tongue’ and ‘Play Pretend’ really reinforced that this was something that we could continue and push in a slightly different direction. We decided as a group that we were going to move from our usual method of doing all of our writing, recording and mixing/mastering in house, to branch out and get some extra eyes and ears on the process to make it the best it can be. Chris Lalic has been a huge support in helping us with production and working with him in the studio let us get comfortable working in a whole bunch of different influences that you may be able to hear in ‘Death Throes’”

I’m hearing progression and I’m loving what I’m hearing. Get it into your system below and hit that pre-save link ahead of tomorrow’s official New Music Friday release.

Words by PaulBrowny’ Brown @brownypaul

Rogue Half is vocalist Matt Keal, guitarist Sam Trott, drummer Lenny Fyfe-Sutcliffe and bassist Billy Bourne.

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