Breaking Benjamin Team up with Starset for ‘Waiting on the Sky to Change’ Cover

Breaking Bad Starset

American rockers Breaking Benjamin have been on the scene for over twenty years. Led by Benjamin Burnley, the band have amassed a gigantic fanbase worldwide and are often embarking on giant tours in the U.S. and Europe. Their latest record was acoustic redux release Aurora after more original album Ember back in 2018.

Last year, Breaking Benjamin members Jasen Rauch and Keith Wallen are also involved in KoRn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch‘s side-project Love And Death (interview here), with their most recent record Perfectly Preserved (our review here).

Recently, Breaking Benjamin have been teasing the release of their ‘Waiting on the Sky to Change’ cover with Ohio rock band Starset. The four-piece have released four studio albums and are known for their concept albums. The two bands have joined forced to record the 2011 cover by Downplay and today it’s finally out. The track seems to have been mixed by producers Judge & Jury featuring Howard Benson & Three Days Grace‘s Neil Sanderson – the two have recently been working with deathcore band Left To Suffer.

Update: Starset/Downplay vocalist Dustin Bates has reminded us that him and Rauch wrote the song for Downplay, and therefore the term ‘cover’ should be used loosely. 

Waiting on the Sky to Change’ is immediately tuned down, catering to the two rock groups’ styles with Starset taking the lead vocally initially. Starset‘s Dustin Bates leans into Burnley’s style as the duo of bands channel the ultimate intersection of the original track’s rhythm and their respective bands’ signature sounds. Burnley jumps in at the mid-point with his unique raspy cleans. The cover gets bouncy as it progresses where the bands interchange in and out.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream the ‘Waiting on the Sky to Change‘ cover here

Breaking Benjamin Starset

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