Royals Channel Our Favourite Early 2000s Idols with ‘Let Me Go’

UK pop punk hopefuls Royals have straight up dropped one of the most explosive anthems of 2022 with their latest single ‘Let Me Go‘. Last month they were celebrating love with ‘Home‘, and like every classic in the genre, the British five-piece find a balance in their emotions for the break-up anthem we all needed.

Honestly, everything from its heavily upbeat guitars to that hopeless energy emanating from the lyrical content, ‘Let Me Go‘ is screaming early 2000s pop punk. In the best way possible. While vocalist Luke Smithson sings about the ending of a relationship, the rest of the band jump in with an infectious, bouncy edge of melodies that sounds halfway between Simple Plan and Sum 41. The band shared with us a few words about their boppy new track:

“While we looked at a loving relationship last time, ‘Let Me Go’ is a tale of wasted time and effort into something that was beyond repair. While every relationship is a learning curve as we get older the frustrating feeling of wasted time only becomes more relevant and we’re sure a lot of people will have someone in their past like the one in this song. But while the content might not be as happy, the structure of the song is upbeat, so in ways, it gives off more of an FU vibe.” 

Can we also just talk about the music video that Royals have done up for ‘Let Me Go‘? While a skatepark music video is as cliche as it gets when it comes to pop punk, I’m honestly vibing hard on this and it takes me back to Sum 41’s ‘In Too Deep iconic video.

This is what the genre is all about, and huuuuge props to Royals for keeping the dream alive.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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