Slaughter To Prevail Finally Share ‘1984’ Single

Slaughter to Prevail 2022

Russian deathcore four-piece Slaughter To Prevail have had new single ‘1984‘ ready for release for quite some time as frontman Alex Terrible has detailed on his Instagram account. It seems like the masked bandits have finally struck some of the finer details with Sumerian Records with the track finally out for release today.

The 2022 single comes comes off the back of their highly regarded sophomore LP Kostolom which captivated the attention of the entire deathcore community. The record from last year contains blown up singles ‘Demolisher‘, ‘Baba Yaga‘ and ‘Zavali Ebalo‘. If you’re keen on a dig through their back catalogue, you can also spin their 2017 debut record Misery Sermon and 2015 Chapters of Misery EP.

Of course, coverage of any Russian outfit comes with the careful necessity to ensure clarity on their stance regarding current global relations. Slaughter To Prevail made it very clear earlier this year that they do not support current military action in Ukraine and have commented (read here and see below):

“No to war! Our band has nothing to do with politics, we do not take sides. We are for all peaceful inhabitants of this world and for world peace. We do not accept ANY military action. We wish all of you and your loved ones, relatives and friends to stay safe and hope this nightmare ends as soon as possible.”

On the single itself, Alex Terrible comments:

“This song I wrote when war got started. I can’t stay silent about all this situation. We made a simple video clip just to say what we think about the war and wanted to post it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out quickly. This song is not the usual. It’s not like us. But this is the cry of my soul. War is always a huge tragedy for everyone. Please stop the violence and this war. I know many of you wanted to hear something different from us. But right now we want do it this way and sounds like that. This is our message. I am from Russia. I love my country, I love our fans from there and I can’t believe it goes so far from 2014. God save us all. Stay human.”

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff – the music. ‘1984‘ is currently streaming and the video premiered over at Alex Terrible‘s YouTube channel. The track kicks off with a series of Slipknot-esque riffs before Alex bursts in with his tight set of pipes, sporting a nu-deathcore feel. It’s great to hear the intersection of Kostolom and this new effort as the band continues to evolve to the top of their genre. Bring on a new Slaughter To Prevail album.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Slaughter To Prevail – ‘1984here

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