Pennsylvanian Metalcore Act What Lies Below Power Up with ‘Vitiate’

What Lies Below Vitiate

According to Google, the word ‘Vitiate‘ can be defined as “a spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of” something. It’s therefore surprising that Pennsylvanian metalcore band What Lies Below have titled their latest release as such; it’s obviously one of their best, if not the best track they’ve released so far.

The progressive metalcore outfit are killing it in 2022 having also dropped ‘Odyssey‘ not too long ago which caught the hype of breakdown-nado chasers. With a couple of months gone by, What Lies Below are ready to share their next big single with the world and you can stream ‘Vitiate‘ right now. The new tune has the band go proper berserk on the heavy button whilst retaining their precious technical elements. ‘Vitiate’ is packed with truly explosive breakdowns that’ll go wild at live shows.

Now, obviously we love this band so we couldn’t let them go and do something foolish like release a track without us smothering them with questions so vocalist Andrew Watson kindly humoured us, check it out below.

Tell us about the success of your last single ‘Odyssey’.

The release went fantastic! It was by far our best single release, ever. You always go into a release somewhat unsure, especially when there’s a slight sound change, but our fans seemed to really gravitate to Odyssey from the get-go which is an amazing feeling.

What can you share about ‘Vitiate’ and what the song’s about?

‘Vitiate’ is the heavier of the two songs. I don’t want to be that guy but it is definitely the heaviest song we have released lyrically and instrumentally. It’s about people who manipulate you into seeing the ‘light’ in them and proceeding to show you nothing but the dark. The core theme of Vitiate is killing off these toxic relationships.

What’s coming next for What Lies Below?

We are grinding away! We have loads of shows lined up for the remainder of the year. Other than that, we are always writing new music and currently writing what I hope to be our second EP.

What Lies Below is Andrew Watson (vocals), Mike Watson (guitar/vocals),
Sam Hart (guitar) and Jonah Luteman (drums).

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