Sunk Loto – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 29th July @ Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, Gold Coast QLD

Sunk Loto
Mo’s Desert Clubhouse
July 29th, 2022
Support: The Last Martyr

As I walked into Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, the first thing I noticed was a sea of loyal fans all decked out in their band gear – a sea of SUNK LOTO on black backs left, right and centre. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a show and caught almost everyone in band shirts. The love was real but c’mon, their first show in 15 years and it’s a hometown Gold Coast show! Does it get much better!?

Mo’s was packed to the rafters with punters, the most people I’ve seen in there yet and it was still early! With all shows on their current tour sold out, the call was heard by the fans who came in droves.

First up on the stage were Melbourne band The Last Martyr. First time seeing them live and I was truly surprised. I don’t often hear a female vocalist roaring out heavy vocals (and like it), but I have to say frontwoman Monica Strut nailed it! The energy they had as a band on stage was infections, with the whole crowd rocking out along with them. Definitely a band on the move and worth a listen.  If you get a chance to see them live – do it.

There was a bit of a break in between sets, usually at this point everyone heads outside for fresh air, a break or a chat. Not this time. Everyone wanted a good spot, not caring how long they had to stand and wait. I managed to crawl (not literally – but it felt like it!) through to the barrier to the little pit we had to take photos from. Behind me, the room started to fill, not a spare spot all the way to the back of Mo’s, and out the door. A quick flash of flights for a light check and the ground grew anxious with anticipation.  The crowd behind me started to chant SUNK LOTO, SUNK LOTO” over and over as their favourite band got ready to re-emerge from the shadows.

And the moment came, the background music stopped. The smoke haze began to fill the stage in wispy plums, the boys entered, the lights came on, the crowd cheered and they were off! Lights, Music, Action! SUNK LOTO delivered a 1.5-hour silver platter set of 20 throwback songs and the energy from the band and the crowd responding equally had us all bouncing off each other.

You wouldn’t know they had just been on a 15 year hiatus – to me, it seemed like they hadn’t missed a day. Their performance was stellar, and the crowd agreed. Crowd surfing, moshpits, horns in the air – the punters were having the time of their lives while vocalist Jason Brown crooned out the songs they had long been waiting to hear like ‘5 Years of Silence’, ‘Sunken Eyes’ and finished off with the iconic ‘Vinegar Stroke’. The crowd belted their little hearts out right along with him, guitarist Luke McDonald, drummer Dane Brown and bassist Sean Van Gennip all night long.

If you are lucky enough to be heading off to their next line of shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, you are in for a treat!


5 Years of Silence
Fall Apart
Empty And Alone
Human Ashtray
Everything Everyway
Sunken Eyes
Burning Bridges
Soul Worn Thin
Porcelain Buddha
Goodbye Tonight
Vinegar Stroke

Review & Photo Gallery by Bec O’Reilly. Find Bec on Facebook and Instagram.
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The Last Martyr

Sunk Loto

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