DREGG – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 15th July @ The Brightside, Bris QLD

The Brightside, Brisbane QLD
July 15th, 2022
Supports: Heists, Rage and Entrapment

Melbourne heavy band DREGG have finally been able to pull together their long-awaited headline tour. With releasing 13 singles since signing to Epitaph, the band have been gathering dedicated fans with every hit, cultivating their place in the Australian heavy scene. It’s taken a couple of years and many cancellations, but they’ve made it to the stage and boy was it a fun time.

Southport hardcore band Entrapment kicked off the night and almost didn’t care if anyone came in from outside to watch. They were just happy to take up space on stage and break it in, readying it for the bands to come. More people filled the pit as Rage jumped on, and were for sure captivated by the frontman’s grooves. With a relaxed and fun attitude, the band jumped around and clearly enjoyed the crowd getting into it. They engaged the crowd, drank beers together and DREGG vocalist Chris Mackertich even stole a mic for a quick cameo.

When Heists took the stage, the vibe became far darker. These were musicians who were taking their set seriously, and it showed in their execution. The fellas played a shorter set because they had a fill in drummer, but in all seriousness, he did an amazing job and you wouldn’t have known he was only filling in. Hard hitting and energetic, Heists played a captivating set. This is a band you’ll see more of.

But DREGG, everyone was waiting for DREGG. And just before they stepped up on stage the fire alarm went off. Lights came on, the whooping of the alarm kicked in and everyone evacuated outside of The Brightside. Guitarist Jordan McQuitty appeared outside with the band in his stage getup—demonic facepaint and black contacts—and it was a bit of a funny moment for everyone when the firies sped around the corner. The touring bands had a photo moment with the fire trucks and after 15 minutes or so everyone was let back in.

It did take about 45 minutes to fix the power and lighting so DREGG could actually play, but they assured everyone that they would in fact get on stage tonight. Being McQuitty’s last tour with the group before he steps down as a band member, there was no way they were not going to play.

And finally the lights dimmed, the drummer slipped on his mask, and the DREGG magic happened. Right from the go, there were fans pressed up against the stage screaming the lyrics and headbanging as DREGG ripped through about four songs back to back. We heard ‘Beta Gods’, ‘Feeling Fine’, ‘Freaking Out’, ‘Return of the Dregg’ with that oh so sludgy riff, and many more.

The entire time the band looked like they were having the time of their lives shouting gang vocals in the background, frontman Chris Mackertich jumping in the crowd and getting amongst it, and the band engaging the crowd and making them feel a part of the show too.

For their most recent single ‘Context’, Mackertich called for phone lights to be turned on, but not in the sad way where you sway your phone, but for everyone to jump up and down and follow him. He leapt from the stage and sang through the crowd up to the balcony and the crowd followed him where he screamed the lyrics and the crowd screamed them back. The band then revealed that after their many, many singles, they are indeed working on an album! Vinyl fans rejoice.

The entire show was high energy, engaging, and so fun. DREGG are a band that take their studio sound, which is already incredible, and amplify it live. DREGG are slowly but surely climbing the ladder, and when the day comes that they’re playing sold out shows, you’ll wish you jumped on the train right now and started practicing your two step.

Gig Review by Ebony Story

Photo Gallery by Charlyn Cameron. Insta: @chuck_stuff
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